NA LCS Summer Split Week 1, Day 3 Wrap Up


Game 1 – LMQ vs Curse

Projected Winner:  LMQ ~ 81% of the viewer vote

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LMQ’s Aggression Brings Them to a 4-0 Super Week Finish

The LMQ hype train may very well be real. In their first four matches in the North American LCS there has yet to be a match in which LMQ was not in control of the match. There are moments where LMQ’s aggression has cost them a kill or two, but yet in a way that has completely thrown the match.

Like most games LMQ has played, their match against Curse opens with a strong play from XiaoWeiXiao as he and NoName link up to kill Voyboy in the mid lane. From there, we see a slower paced game come from LMQ. There have been doubts about what happens when LMQ turns up the dial to 11, but the casters have wondered what would happen if the squad played at a much more measured pace.  LMQ displayed the ability to play with a much more control play style.

Don’t count Curse out yet. Despite an 0-3 start of the season, in every game Curse has played they have shown moments of extremely solid play. While Xpecial hasn’t been able to connect his strong plays with wins for Curse. The squad has shown the ability to have strong team fights and Voyboy has been showing a vast improvement from last split.

Game VOD


LMQ: 11K/5D/22A

ackerman: 3 KDA w/ 337CS
NoName: 7 KDA w/ 150CS
XiaoWeiXiao: 4 KDA w/ 416
Vasilii: 7 KDA w/ 396CS
Mor: 5 KDA w/ 25CS


Curse: 5K/11D/12A

Quas: 0.3 KDA w/ 337CS
IWillDominate: 1.3 KDA w/ 139CS
Voyboy: 1.3 KDA w/ 366CS
Cop: 4 KDA w/ 368CS
Xpecial: 4 KDA w/ 18CS

Winner: LMQ


Game 2 – Cloud 9 vs compLexity

Projected Winner:  Cloud 9 ~ 93% of the viewer vote

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C9 vs COL

compLexity Show That Cloud 9 is Capable of Losing

The fear of Hai not being back at 100% after Cloud 9 lost to Team Dignitas seems to be warranted. Hai suffered from a collapsed lung during the AllStar break and Cloud 9 had to adjust to a temporary new mid laner in Link from CLG. While Hai’s play looked only slight disjointed yesterday, today in C9’s match against compLexity Hai showed to be in poor form throughout the match. Whether it was overestimating his damage, poor shot calling, or poor positioning, Hai’s inability to practice at a high level showed.

compLexity looked in rare form in their game against Cloud 9. The game opened up with a triple kill and double buff for ROBERTxLEE. Known for being a strong ADC in Solo Queue, ROBERTxLEE has been one of the only players on the squad to put up positive numbers. Taking that advantage of that early power on their ADC, compLexity secured back to back.

Not a squad to be counted out, Cloud 9 showed superior team fighting to make the match close. But as stated early, key misplays from Hai essentially lost the match for Cloud 9.

Fantasy LCS pick ups? First and foremost, don’t abandon the Cloud 9 ship. You will more than likely regret it. If you have a spare ADC spot in the form of a Flex pick or Alternative I would try to pick up ROBERTxLEE if possible.

Game VOD


Cloud 9: 12K/14D/28A

Balls: 2 KDA w/ 324CS
Meteos: 2.3 KDA w/ 195CS
Hai: 2 KDA w/ 301CS
Sneaky: 2.6 KDA w/ 366CS
Lemonnation: 11 KDA w/ 26CS

compLexity: 13K/3D/35A

Westrice: 4.5 KDA w/ 311CS
Brokenshard: 2.75 KDA w/ 97CS
proOlly: 2 KDA w/ 340CS
Bubbadub: 10 KDA w/ 25CS

Winner: compLexity

Game 3 – Evil Geniuses vs Team SoloMid

Projected Winner:  Team SoloMid ~ 90% of the viewer vote

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The Game to Watch


Evil Geniuses: 10K/16D/20A

Innox: 1.2 KDA w/ 384CS
Snoopeh: 1.3 KDA w/ 148CS
Polbelter: 3 KDA w/ 358CS
Altec: 4 KDA w/ 434
Krepo: 1.5 KDA w/ 47CS

Team SoloMid: 16K/10D/41A

Dyrus: 4.5 KDA w/ 311CS
Amazing: 11 KDA w/ 193CS
Bjergsen: 10 KDA w/ 462CS
WildTurtle: 2.6 KDA w/ 420CS
Gleeb: 7 KDA w/ 58CS

Winner: Team SoloMid


Game 4 – Curse vs Team Dignitas

Projected Winner: Team Dignitas ~ 76% of the viewer vote

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Curse is Able to Pick Up Their First Win Definitively

The Curse squad was able to dig deep for their match against Team Dignitas. Curse’s play this look has looked shaky at times. Constantly either Voyboy wasn’t able to make the clutch big play or the team couldn’t link up on the crowd control the Xpecial was landing. But even in the early game, Curse was showing some poor laning phase mechanics.

However, a very different Curse showed up in this match. Each of the Curse lanes won predominately on their merit with little help from IWillDominate. From there, Curse is able to put a firm grasp on the mid game.

Dignitas didn’t look weak in this match at all though. The only complaint is that their vision control was a little pro. Also, Imaqtpie’s over aggression reared it’s head in this match. Still keep your eyes on this Dignitas squad because they don’t look like they are going to continue the win a bunch then lose a bunch trend.

Game VOD


Curse: 15K/5D/40A

Quas: 6 KDA w/ 255CS
IWillDominate: 10 KDA w/ 107CS 
Voyboy: 11 KDA w/ 235CS
Cop: 11 KDA w/ 272CS
Xpecial: 5 KDA w/ 18CS


Team Dignitas: 5K/15D/10A

Zion Spartan: 0.3 KDA w/ 250CS
Crumbz: 1.3 KDA w/ 92CS
Shiphtur: 4 KDA w/ 221CS
Imaqtpie: 2 KDA w/ 248CS
KiWiKiD: 0.4 KDA w/ 68CS

Winner: Curse

Game 5 – Counter Logic Gaming vs Cloud 9

Projected Winner:  Cloud 9 ~ 58% of the viewer vote

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CLG vs C9

Cloud 9 Still Looking Shaky but Manages a Win

There is a glimmer of hope for Cloud 9 yet. The two time LCS champions have looked extremely shaky in their matches over the course of Super Week. Even their win against Team SoloMid didn’t look true to form for Cloud 9. And the version of the C9 squad that lost to DIG and compLexity sent out warning flares that they were probably going to end this week 1-3 after their match versus Counter Logic Gaming.

Hai was able to look a little bit more true to form as played Lulu versus Link on Oriana in the mid lane. Playing slightly more defensively, Hai was able to avoid a lot of the missteps he made in the Cloud 9’s previous matches. Also, Balls was able to be the team’s hyper carry tank that they were missing from their other games. It’s no secret that the formerly unsung hero, Balls, is central to the Cloud 9’s team fight and DIG and compLexity were both able to shut him down.

However, in this match versus CLG, Balls was able to gain a massive advantage over Seraph and was able to use that to face off against him with no fear once the lanes reset. Speaking of Seraph, it may be safe to assume that the Seraph hype train has come off the tracks. While mechanically sound, Seraph has not been a big factor for CLG in their games. And in this game against Cloud 9, he consistently made questionable engages that lead to his death and gave Cloud 9 the advantage.

If you have him as your starter on your Fantasy LCS team, you may look to bench him. It may be a bit too early to release Seraph in the off chance he eventually lives up to the hype, but your safest bet is to replace him with a more established top laner. Just not Darien.

Game VOD


Counter Logic Gaming: 13K/20D/25A

Seraph: 0.7 KDA w/ 171CS
Dexter: 2.3 KDA w/ 118CS
Link: 3.6 KDA w/ 329CS
Doublelift: 4.5 KDA w/ 259CS
Aphromoo1.2 KDA w/ 30CS


Cloud 9: 20K/13D/41A

Balls: 6.5 KDA w/ 264CS
Meteos: 4.6 KDA w/ 128CS
Hai: 7.5 KDA w/ 250CS
Sneaky: 12 KDA w/ 275CS
Lemonnation: 1.4 KDA w/ 52CS

Winner: Cloud 9