NA Summer Split Week 1, Day 1 Wrap Up


Game 1 – Cloud 9 vs Team SoloMid

Projected Winner:  Cloud 9 ~ 57% of the viewer vote

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C9 vs TSM

New TSM Roster Looks Really Shaky

Team SoloMid started this match with the new meta decision to starve the enemy top laner. It is a known fact that unlike most teams, Cloud 9 looks to Balls to be one of their late game carries. While the strategy start of well for TSM as they got first blood on Balls and starved him of early CS.

However, as the game unfolded, Balls was able to freeze lane the lane to catch up on farm. The first team fight over at the second Dragon spawn seemed extremely disjointed from the side of TSM as they lost the fight 3 to 0. Then TSM makes the mistake to show themselves all in bot lane, allowing Cloud 9 to get Baron. Following that up, at another Baron dance, TSM just allowed Balls to split push to get the inhibitor and one of the Nexus turrets. The game ended when Cloud 9 secured a second Baron and Gleeb took a huge risk to extend himself to land a Death Sentence, which ends with him getting caught out and another sloppy team fight breaks out.Cloud 9 mops up TSM and takes the game.

Of note, Cloud 9 used their bans on all the top jungle champions top then first picked Lee Sin. This forced TSM’s Amazing onto the fairly sub par jungle champion Xin Zhao.

Game VOD


Cloud 9: 13K/5D/31A

Balls: 8 KDA w/254CS
Meteos: 11 KDA w/ 155CS
Hai: 3 KDA w/ 265CS
Sneaky: 9 KDA w/ 356CS
Lemonnation: 10 KDA w/ 42CS

Team SoloMid: 5K/13D/11A

Dyrus: 1 KDA w/253CS
Amazing: 1.3 KDA w/ 140CS
Bjergsen: 2 KDA w/ 337CS
WildTurtle: 1 KDA w/ 252CS
Gleeb: 1.5 KDA w/ 42CS

Game 2 – Curse vs Counter Logic Gaming

Projected Winner:  CLG  ~ 80.17% of the viewer vote

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Curse vs CLG

CLG Seraph Lives Up to the Hype

The game started really strong for CLG when they scored first blood on Xpecial. Granted it was while Xpecial was flexing his all star support muscles saving Cop. It’s hard to describe the new meta as far as having a laning phase. Voyboy did a great job in mid lane in the poor match up of Yasuo versus Kayle.

Things almost fell apart for CLG in the mid game. A bad engage off of Seraph’s Dragon Descent, allows Xpecial land a great Box on the entire CLG squad. Despite Kayle landing massive AOE damage, Voyboy and Cop are able to melt through Counter Logic Gaming.

However, Seraph’s high farming over Quas’s Mundo allows him to come up big. Curse tries to sneak a Baron after CLG secures a Dragon. After teleporting in and taking some massive damage from hitting a wall of the Thresh Box and Baron damage; Seraph makes a clutch Flash Dragon’s Descent to interrupt Miss Fortune’s Bullet Time. With Curse’s high burst damage gone, Counter Logic Gaming is able to win the team fight, secure Baron, and immediately push for the win.

Game VOD


Curse: 9K/16D/23A

Quas: 1.6 KDA w/166CS
IWillDominate: 7 KDA w/ 139CS
Voyboy: 2.6 KDA w/ 260CS
Cop: 3.5 KDA w/ 268CS
Xpecial: 1 KDA w/ 45CS

Counter Logic Gaming: 16K/98D/39A

Seraph: 1.75 KDA w/220CS
Dexter: 11 KDA w/ 106CS
Link: 6 KDA w/ 353CS
Doublelift: 13 KDA w/ 309CS
Aphromoo: 6  KDA w/ 15CS

Winner: Counter Logic Gaming

Game 3 – LMQ vs Evil Geniuses

Projected Winner:  LMQ ~ 75% of the viewer vote

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Vasilii and LMQ Explode into the LCS

Everyone has been holding their breaths on the LMQ hype train. Even though the dominated the NA Challenger scene and 3-0’d XDG in their LCS promotion match. But how would they stack up against the LCS teams. Well, if this first match is any indication, it looks like LMQ is worth the hype.

LMQ started the match with a three man gank on Polbelter in mid to score first blood. A little cockiness on NoName’s part as he invades Evil Geniuses’ jungle allowed EG to return the favor by killing NoName and Mor. The game goes back and forth for a bit. LMQ has a commanding team fight in the bot lane that allow Vasilii to start off very strong. But EG has an extremely good team fight at Dragon that they win 3 for 1 and get the Dragon. Things were looking good for EG.

However, XiaoWeiXiao was able to turn Leblanc into a monster as he was split pushing in the bot lane. He was able to 100 to 0 Polbelter, not even giving him a chance to use Intervention. Then LMQ wins a mid lane fight initiated by Mor with Solar Flare. Then with a win over at Baron, LMQ was able to steam roll through mid lane scoring an ace and ending the game.

Game VOD


LMQ: 21K/10D/47A

ackerman: 6 KDA w/ 227CS
NoName: 4.3 KDA w/ 133CS
WiaoWeiXiao: 7.5 KDA w/ 313CS
Vasilii: 15 KDA w/ 329CS
Mor: 4.3 KDA w/ 52CS

Evil Geniuses: 10K/21D/28A

Innox: 2.6 KDA w/ 221CS
Snoopeh: 2.6 KDA w/ 94CS
Polbelter: 1 KDA w/ 273CS
Yellowpete: 1.5 KDA w/ 244CS
Krepo: 2.25 KDA w/ 15CS

Winner: LMQ


Game 4 – compLexity vs Team Dignitas

Projected Winner: Team Dignitas ~ 72% of the viewer vote

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Shiphtur Ends the Match with a PENTAKILL

Team Dignitas was projected to get the most out of a roster swap. Undeniably, Zion Spartan and Shiphtur are two of the strongest solo laners in the LCS. One of the shames of Dignitas was Crumbz not getting the spotlight he deserved as a jungler. A high level Challenger jungler, Crumbz hasn’t been able to convert that to success in the LCS.

Dignitas never lost the reigns of this match. compLexity looked very shaky in their first LCS match. Hopefully, this was just a rough start for compLexity and they will be able to finish the rest of Super Week strong.

Game VOD


compLexity: 3K/23D/5A

Westrice: 0.2 KDA w/ 195CS
Brokenshard: 0.3 KDA w/ 77CS
prOlly: 0.4 KDA w/ 239CS
ROBERTxLEE: 0.25 KDA w/ 260CS
Bubbadub: 0.6 KDA w/ 22CS

Team Dignitas: 23K/3D/48A

Zion Spartan: 11 KDA w/ 251CS
Crumbz: 12 KDA w/ 108CS
Shiphtur: 19 KDA w/ 184CS
Imaqtpie: 11 KDA w/ 274CS
KiWiKiD: 18 KDA w/ 61CS

Winner: Team Dignitas

Game 5 – Counter Logic Gaming vs LMQ

Projected Winner:  CLG ~ 63% of the viewer vote

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*NA Super Week, Day 1 Game to Watch*


Counter Logic Gaming: 15K/22D/38A

Seraph: 1.6 KDA w/257CS
Dexter: 1.6 KDA w/ 112CS
Link: 10 KDA w/274CS
Doublelift: 1.83 KDA w/ 343CS
Aphromoo: 3 KDA w/ 42CS

LMQ: 22K/15D/49A

ackerman: 2.6 KDA w/ 314CS
NoName: 7.5 KDA w/ 83CS
WiaoWeiXiao: 8.5 KDA w/ 411CS
Vasilii: 8 KDA w/237CS
Mor: 2.5 KDA w/ 29CS

Winner: LMQ