NBA 2K15’s MyPark Mode Detailed in Full


Community manager Ronnie2K took to Facebook to detail the return of MyParks Mode in NBA 2K15 for current generation consoles and PC. MyParks mode was first revealed for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One last year. It was a huge success in some ways and in some ways it failed to capture the authenticity of real street ball. In 2K15, the 2K Sports developers revamped Park mode and now we can clearly see last year’s Park mode was the foundation of a future endeavor.  Friday, Ronnie2K and LD2K also known as Chris Manning, held a another large scale live stream with a major emphasis on MyCareer mode and MyPark. After the stream, Ronnie informed fans that a full-fledged write-up about the mode would be posted on their Facebook page just in case you missed the details. Here is the complete breakdown of MyParks and 2 modes within MyPark called The Stage and The Jordan Rec Center.

Park mode is back, but what has changed?

This year, the MyPark mode is much more fleshed out with loads of content – the stakes are also much higher giving players tons of replayability. This year, the courts are broken down into three different affiliations. The Old Town Flyers, Sunset Beach Ballers, and Rivet City Rough Riders are the communities you will be playing with.  From the start, you will choose to affiliate your player with any three of these affiliations. Each affiliate’s home has 8 courts each and each affiliate’s world has its own unique setting and atmosphere. Each affiliate has slight boost to key attributes that aid you in rough moments that help your player grow in key areas.

Park and Affiliation Breakdown:

River City Rough Riders

Lets begin our breakdown with The River City Rough Riders. This affiliation’s key attribute is all about being physical. Defense is king on this court so don’t get too upset if an opposing player swats your dunk or layup off centered with a vengeance. Also on the offensive side of the ball, this could help players become better dunkers with that “sweat posterizer” badge waiting to be equipped.

The Old Town Flyers

Next up for the affiliates are The Old Town Flyers. This court is all about being a flashy player. Flashy passes and size ups are what players strive for on this court. Also fast breaks are normal on this court since players learn to be tight defenders who alley-oop at will.

Sunset Ballers

Lastly, we have the Sunset Ballers community. The Ballers’ courts are the place to be if you are a scorer at heart. From layups to the long-ranged three point bombers, this is the court to show off your jump shot.

Reputation Means Everything

In last year’s Park mode, there wasn’t a big emphasis in playing that mode except to game with your friends. There wasn’t much to play for and the Virtual Currency you earned from each game wasn’t that much. 2K Sports have changed all of that in MyPark mode with a newly implemented reputation system. After you have chosen what affiliate you would like to play for, it’s time to step on the court and start winning and playing team ball.  MyPark “rep” can only be earned and wins or loses matter. Not only must you win, you will have to be a great teammate as your “teammate grade” is vital to your rep score. There are 4 levels of reputation to earn in MyPark with 3 sub levels earned within each level. As you start your MyPark career, you will start as “Rookie 1 tier” and rise through “Pro”, “All-Star”, and then to the top tiered “Legend 3” rep.

As your reputation increases, you can start to unlock MyPark-specific abilities, animations and clothing as you did in NBA 2K14. When you rank higher, you’ll be allowed travel to other rival parks and play games there. Here’s a catch – you must at least be at Pro 3 level to compete. When you do finally get to Pro Level 3 and travel to other parks, your VC earned will double if you win. Also, if you don’t want to travel to others parks, you can also earn VC from defending your home court from other rivals and earn significant rep bonuses.  You lose rep with getting poor teammate grades,  quitting games, and losing on rival courts when traveling.

Note to those out there that want to simply buy virtual currency and buy a way to a 99 overall to reach legend status, you’ll be disgustingly disappointed. Players in NBA 2K15 will have to earn everything on their own merit creating a great balance for players who actually go the distance to acheive the status they desire.

MyPark Championships

On October 11, 2K Sports will be hosting an event called MyPark Championships preceding the NBA All Star game. The MyPark event will pin all 3 affiliates against one another in weekly rounds of heated competition. All pf the travel restrictions will be disabled and after each round of games the winning park participants will be rewarded with prizes such as rep bonuses, extra VC, and some exclusive accessories with different attributes.  First place park will earn 2 points for the round, 2nd place winners will get 1 point. These points will count toward the championship and the leading park will end up winning a newly designed park to call their home.

MyCrew Fans, Meet “The Jordan Rec Center”

MyPark is not the only mode Ronnie2K and LD2K mentioned in the livestream. They also took a trip to where I feel crew heads will spend most of their time and energy and that’s the Jordan Rec Center. Simulation basketball has always been a top priority for fans of the MyCrew mode in 2K11. Last generation consoles received the MyCrew mode we all wanted on curent generation but I feel the Jordan Rec Center just might be the start of a new and improved MyCrew mode foundation in NBA 2K15.

Jordan Rec Center

In the Jordan Rec Center, that street ball mentality goes out of the window. In the Jordan Rec Center ballers that love simulated 5 on 5 matches will eat sleep and hopefully win here. The rec center players will be able to earn reputation just as they would on the outside on the blacktop. In the Jordan Rec Center, there will be 4 full-sized courts with 5 minute quarters of 5v5 games donning officials NBA rule sets.


In last year’s Park mode, it was very hard to squad up with buddies without some prick stealing your spot on the court. No matter if you liked playing outside or inside, 2K has finally implemented a squad up feature – no more running to a spot to call next or some random stealing your friend’s spot. Form a squad of 5 with your friends. Once you have your team set, you can head to the squad up spot on the side of the court. When the game is over you and your whole team will step up together as a squad to run a game.

Additional Features:

  • With the new Attribute Upgrades feature, you will no longer see a park full of 99s that are impossible to guard. Players must make choices how to upgrade their MyPLAYER becoming specialists in certain disciplines.
  • MyPARK games have been shortened to 15 points. This along with the added 8th court will shorten up Got Next wait times.
  • We’ve added an always-on game score overlay! No more running to a spot on the court or changing camera angles to find out the current score.
  • We’ve added the teammate grade meter so you know how well you’re playing at a glance without having to bring up the game menu.
  • The MyNBA2K15 mobile app makes it easy to send texts to your squad or anyone in your park. Just type on the app and the text pops up on their screen.
  • Matchups are now based on height with weighting for position rather than simple join order.

The Stage

The Stage is a new sub mode under MyPark mode that’s similar to 2K14’s Park mode. This side doesn’t have a reputation system –  it’s a neutral park setting for players that want to put their VC where their mouth is. On The Stage, players can wager VC against other teams. If you win, all of your teammates split the pot, but if you loose you will be walking away with light pockets. For the high rollers out there, there’s also a High Rollers area where you can wager 30,000 VC or higher for a single game.

The Stage will be available on the PlayStation 4 exclusively for the first 30 days hitting other platforms November 8th.


2K15’s revamped MyPark mode is shaping up to be heaven for sim players and street ballers. I’m glad that 2K is finally starting to implement things that change the way we’ve seen 2K the past few years. MyPark may not be what the old MyCrew fans remember, but it is now a great foundation to build upon. The new reputation system, the squad up features, The Stage, and Jordan Rec Center MyPark are going to be a exciting modes this year that will hopefully lead to greater things.

Stay tuned at for more NBA 2K15 gaming updates and impressions. NBA 2K15 drops October 7th for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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