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On this week’s episode of Lets Get Crunk, Jaleesa discuses the 2015 NBA Finals with her predictions and keys to victory. After a hard fought season and great conference playoffs, the 2015 NBA Finals are finally here and we are in for a treat. The Cleveland Cavaliers and The Golden State Warriors will duke it out to see who is the best team in the NBA this year.

Game 1 Analysis & Thoughts

Game 1 is what most of us wanted and expected; two great teams giving it their all. Game 1 was held on Golden State’s home court since they earned home court advantage for having the best record this year. Golden State went down early in the first quarter trailing by 14, however just like they have been doing all year, they found a way to get back into the game. Golden State appeared to be rusty in the first two quarters, which isn’t unexpected since they had a long layoff. I think the newbie jitters played a factor since the starting 5 have never been in an NBA Finals game before.

As most predicted would happen, Lebron James and Kyrie Irving took the load scoring early and often. James in particular was a dominant force on the court scoring 44 points, a NBA Finals record for game one of any playoff game. Things were going extremely well for Cleveland and Lebron James and company where prepared to show why they deserved to be there. Let’s not forget though, Golden State is a streaky team and at any time can catch fire, which is exactly what happened in the second half going into the fourth. Harrison Barns, and the unsung hero off the bench, Andre Iguodala, turned the tides when Curry and company were off their game. Andre Iguodala in particular helped tremendously with his 15 points off the bench and much needed size and defense he played on Lebron James in the later quarters slowing him down a bit and aggravating him. It was neck and neck at the end of regulation with one last chance to win and an opportunity to beat the buzzer. James had a 50/50 window to the goal, which is usually all he needs, but missed the shot. Iman Shumpert had a chance as well with an offensive rebound, but ultimately he missed well.

In overtime, the Cavaliers were exposed after Golden State switched to a smaller line up. Golden State turned up the defense holding the cars to only 2 points in the entire overtime. Lebron James attempted a few frustration-filled jumpers; it didn’t help. With almost a minute and thirty seconds left on the clock, Kyrie Irving suffered a major injury fracturing his knee cap and was taken out of the game.

Keys To Victory

As a sports fan, I always analyze the first game of a series to assess the teams dynamics, see what things they did or didn’t do, to decide on which team I feel will get the win. Coming into this series, I always felt Golden State was the team to beat, and I still do, but I’m not unrealistic either. Lebron hasn’t been to five consecutive NBA finals off luck alone. Here are my suggested keys to victory for both sides.

Cleveland Cavaliers

  1. Lebron must trust his teammates for the rest of the playoffs since Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving are out for the rest of the series.
  2. Even though Lebron had 44 points, he also had some turnovers at key moments. He must cut down on this.
  3. Matthew Dellavedova will be Kyrie’s replacement for the rest of the series and he’s got to step in and play his roll and execute when needed.
  4. Cleveland’s bench was out-scored by almost 30 points which is unacceptable. With Kyrie out, Shumpert and J.R. Smith will need to step up and take some of the scoring pressure off of Lebron having to do it offensively.
  5. Defensively, Cleveland has to figure out how to take Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson out of the game and make them passers, or at least make it difficult for them to score. Allow others on the roster or the bench to make the shots.
  6. Lebron must use his size and strength to his advantage and do damage in the post.

Golden State Warriors

  1. Let Lebron shoot. LeBron does well on the inside, but if made to jump shooter, you have a better chance. Make him work for every shot by throwing a number of different bodies at him.
  2. Andre Iguodala should guard Lebron more since he’s a better defender than Barns or Klay. His size and length will give Lebron more problems.
  3. Make Lebron beat you.
  4. Shut down other shooters on the perimeter.
  5. Curry and Klay must dominate the point guard position since Kyrie is out. Attack the paint and use screen to get open for threes to test Matthew Dellavedova.

2015 NBA Finales Predictions

After my analysis of the first game, I think that the Golden State Warriors will ultimately win the 2015 NBA championship. LeBron James will ultimately have to be the best man on the court for the the rest of this series for him to have a chance and I feel Golden State will have too much fire power for him alone to handle. I wont count LeBron out. Since Kyrie and Kevin Love are out, I’m predicting this series will go at least 6 games with Golden State coming out on top.

What do you think about the finals so far? What can Lebron do to overcome the Kyrie Irving injury? How will Golden State take advantage? Who are you predicting to win this year’s NBA Championship?

Sound off in the comments below.

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