#NCAAB: Pulling Packs, Using the Action House, and Sports Talk – Lets Get Crunk (Ep.2)


On this week’s episode of Let’s Get Crunk, Jaleesa discusses recent happenings in sports regarding NCAAB, college basketball, and applying national football statistics to a game of Madden Ultimate Team. The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament was one for the ages, but today she talks about the final four match ups. Next, she discusses the importance of pulling packs in Maddens 15 Ultimate Team and how to use smaller Pro Packs to build your team from the ground up, tips on snipping great players, or selling players in the Auction House to make coins. 

Pulling Packs

In Madden Ultimate Team, pulling packs is an essential part of the mode. Most players buy packs to make their teams better in a step by step process. There are many types of tier players in Madden Ultimate Team from Bronze to Elite Players. Rookie packs and Pro packs are good options if you don’t want spend money on Madden points or on specialty packs, which can be a bit expensive, like The All-Madden packs. EA Sports usually changes the packs every week so players get a chance to pull some great players.

The Auction Block is another place where you can either earn a lot of coins or use those coins to make your team better. Within the auction on Madden 15 Ultimate Team, you can sell players you have no use for or you can sell them based on how much they’re worth. Most of the players’ values fluctuate during the season since EA updates player stats after every game entry. Some players will also have multiple cards within a season depending on how they perform. Players like wide receiver Calvin Johnson have multiple cards with vastly different ratings.

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