Neko Atsume: Mobile Cat Collector


After rave reviews and nearly a year of waiting, Neko Atsume has been translated for English speaking players this past October.

And oh my goodness it is just ADORABLE.

The cat collecting sim for IOS and Android has you leaving treats and toys out for neighborhood kitties that come and visit your yard. Putting out more expensive food and goodies can attract rarer cats and net you a better chance of a cat leaving behind golden fish, which work as the premium currency for the game.

The game keeps track of the cats in an album, and allows you to take photos and show off your growing clowder. I’d almost call it an incredibly stress-free pet sim, as you don’t actually need to take care of the cats; you just watch them hang out and do kitty-related shenanigans. A lot of the fun comes from checking to see what cats have visited, be they normal tabbies and calicos to the quirkier ones doing their best Lady Gaga impression.

You only need to check your mobile device every so often to see if any cats showed up or if they left you any gifts, as well as buy more stuff for the cats to play with. I find myself checking the app through out the day when the thought strikes me, but because of the lack of urgency that most pet sims have, I don’t worry about having to keep the cats happy or well fed. They’re just visiting after all.

neko atsume

I should mention that yes, as a free mobile app, the game does have micro transactions. You can spend actual money on golden fish, which can be used to buy better toys and food, thus earning you rarer cats faster. However, you can also exchange in-game currency for premium currency, so you don’t actually have to spend any real money if you don’t want to.

Neko Atsume is something quick and cute that’s easy to get into, and is a pleasant distraction that takes literally no gaming skill to play. It’s a fun, free to download casual experience full of adorable cats dressed as baseball players and samurai, what more could you want?

Could you see yourself giving this a whirl? Let us know below!