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Sega turned one of my all time favorite games into a franchise that no one gives a damn about. This shouldn’t become as a shocker since Sega did it to Sonic The Hedgehog franchise with one of the worst games ever made, Sonic The Hedgehog (2006). Nights: Into Dreams deserved sequels, an animated movie and/or a television series. It was that good, but unfortunately it came out on the wrong system, the Sega Saturn. A very powerful machine with graphics that was unmatched at the time. Nights caught my eye and it was a system seller for me. I brought the system just for that game.

Nights gliding into Dream Master
Nights gliding into Dream Master

Why I Like Nights

I played the Nights demo at a Toys’ R ‘Us and was instantly hooked. I’ve never seen a game like this before. It was like Sonic levels only without the ground or at least that’s what it made me feel like. You pretty much zoomed through the level. I had to zoom through because I was always running out of time enjoying the scenery. It was also an open world game. Some that have played it might have just stuck to the one path that Nights flies through but there is an opening to explore the level just at the beginning when your human becomes Nights. If you stop that from happening, then you can explore the level with just your human. Nights: Journey of Dreams does come with that awesome feature but they made it easier to explore, even putting in character developments.

Female Character in open world setting
Female Character in open world setting

So how is Nights: Into the Abyss?

4 words: Nights: Journey of Dreams. Sega took what most of the fans liked and smoothed it over with even more causal gameplay and likability. They made THE NIGHTS CHARACTER have a voice. He was perfectly fine without one, but now the voice Sega gave him sounds like a girl. Nights was a badass and I had a crush on him but in the new game he just looks like a fumbling idiot. Maybe its just the voice and not the actual character design that irks me. But I look forward to the parts where he’s silent and just flies through the levels.

 See the video for the voice acting of Nights in Journey Of Dreams.

The learning curve is longer than the original Nights. He can do more things and you can interact with the level a little bit more. For a Wii game, why is the learning curve actually harder? If the game is for casuals and pre-teens, then why is it difficult to learn the maneuvers? Poor tutorials, that’s what. Eventually, you’ll get it down and it won’t hamper how you play the game. But that’s if you can stomach how cheesy it is.

The last feature but not the least that further disappoints is the online network the game was trying to use to connect you to your friends or others playing the game. For some reason, Sega thought this game would have huge sells, enough to fill the online space, which is similar to the Mii Plaza on the Nintendo Wii, but it didn’t. I went in there a few times and didn’t see a single soul. This feature was unnecessary. Who would play Nights: Journey of Dreams online? I bet most people who purchased the game didn’t even want others to know they have it.

Your Dream Online gameplay video

These three features were just the tip of the iceberg that sunk the potential of Nights. I wouldn’t say that Journey of Dreams is a bad game, but it certainly lost what the original had – a hardcore element that any type of player could enjoy. Nights: Into Dreams was fresh, innovative, creative and entertaining. The story was excellent too and believable. It spoke to some gamers that probably were around the age of the human characters in the game. It let them know that its OK to be afraid of the world, but that you have friends/family that care about you and would have your back no matter what. That’s some powerful psychology right there. I definitely felt emotional after beating the game.

Willing To Go Out In The Cold…

I didn’t get far into Journey Of Dreams because it just didn’t hold my interest as the original did. But I’m willing to give it another go and if you want, I can even do a review on it.  Perhaps one day we will see the potential rise out of the ice-cold waters that sunk the Titantic. But until then, I’ll keeping playing Nights: Into Dreams port on PlayStation 3 and occasionally pop in Journey of Dreams for the sake of playing as Nights.

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  • Ouch. Yes, NiGHTS didn’t get a fair chance. I never tried Journey of Dreams, myself.

    For what it’s worth, NiGHTS officially has no gender. Of course, gendered characteristics can be a sensitive issue, anyway. But having your interpretations of a character violated by new material can be jarring. People had a similar response to Metroid: Other M, I believe.

  • Yes, originally Nights is just Nights and we’re never made clear on the gender, however the human characters referred to Nights as “him” so that’s how I associated, but nothing wrong with a genderless character. My issue was the voice. Not that the voice was a girl but it was too cheesy and feminine. It just didn’t fit the Nights that I knew.

  • celsowm

    Don’t forget Christmas Nights into Dreams 🙂

  • I didn’t play that one, I’m sure there’s more games in the franchise but I only played the two I talked about. Did you play Christmas Nights?

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