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Nintendo eShop Coming Soon to Browsers? [Rumor]

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Wii U eShop

Any one with a Nintendo device may have noticed that for the past several hours the Nintendo Network has been under maintenance. Some online features and applications that rely on internet connectivity have either been offline or prohibit any access. There’s a rumor that part of the maintenance is due to Nintendo implementing a web-based eShop service. If you recall, back before the Wii U was released and the Nintendo 3DS was in its infancy, Nintendo mentioned broadening the scope of their online applications, namely the eShop. For those of you skeptical, I took the extra step to try it myself. Have a look.

Nintendo eShop

Based on the photo above, this is definitely legit. Every time I access Miiverse mobily, I’m prompted to enter my Nintendo Network ID and my Mii  displays menu options upon entry. The Nintendo eShop also uses redeem codes to access software in a similar manner.

Having a more accessible eShop would bode well for busy folks like myself. If this it’s what they’re doing, it’s pretty nifty.

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source: NeoGaf
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