Nintendo NX Leaked Controller: Why It Would Make Sense


With rumors already swirling about Nintendo’s next console, the internet has created a typhoon after Reddit user perkele37 leaked photos of what is allegedly the Nintendo NX controller:



These photos of what could be the NX controller are very convincing and considering it looks identical to the original patent filed by Nintendo, it’s safe to say this could really be happening.


At first glance, these leaked pictures had me thinking “Yuck, what is this thing!?” However, after further inspection of these photos, I realized that if these photos are indeed a real implication of what the NX controller will be, it falls in line with what we already know about the NX.

According to the Daily Star, the Nintendo NX is said to be a handheld and home console that would most likely interact with each other. To further create buzz around the NX being a handheld, Macronix President CY Lu whom has provided Nintendo with portable products in the past, commented on the rumor saying “Macronix will supply memory slots for NX, and that the company has considerable expectation to NX.” Memory slots make it very likely that the NX will be a handheld device and I most certainly would not put it past Nintendo to capitalize on the handheld market they have already dominated thanks to the 3DS.

I could see Nintendo announcing release windows for both the NX handheld and home console, with the handheld coming first. Consumers could buy this handheld device as they wait, with a promise that it would be worth it since it interacts with the home console even if it’s simply to play the games on the big screen. Games going directly into the NX controller/handheld is supported by the system patent Nintendo filed last year, where it shows a lack of an optical disc drive. So, the NX handheld could very well have card slots for games and memory cards.

Not to mention, these leaked photos gave me the sense that games could run entirely on the handheld itself along with performing other services, much like a smart phone. Notice how one of the photos shows the handheld with headphones connected. I can already visualize this thing playing games while perhaps having a messaging system, swype system for controls (since no buttons are shown), and offer other services such as Netflix and internet browsers. Then once someone takes this home, they could connect it to their home console to bring all of those services to the big screen and further its capabilities. With the rumors we’ve already heard, this handheld/controller just makes sense.

There’s a lot of evidence here to support these leaked photos being real but as with anything, we will still have to wait and see. Nintendo has a big opportunity to shed some light on all of its NX plans at this upcoming E3 in June. Perhaps an NX themed Nintendo Direct is order. Until then, we are left to speculate and hope for the best. With how disappointing the Wii U was for Nintendo as well as for fans, it would be a refreshing change of pace to see the NX do very well.

What do you think about these leaked photos? Do you think the NX handheld will come before the home console? Let us know!

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