Could Nintendo Pull Off a PSX-Like Event? | E-I-C Speaks

Spaceworld 2.0?


In this episode of E-I-C Speaks, I discuss that with PSX 2016 just ending with it’s 3rd annual event, could others, namely Nintendo, pull off a similar event? In this video, I discuss a few of the possibilities.

  1. More so than many other companies, Nintendo has an entire arsenal of iconic video game franchises that the masses tend to clamor for. From Pokemon to Mario to Zelda to Fire Emblem, Nintendo has that it factor and can stir a certain type of emotion within their fan base and beyond (Pokemon GO anyone?). Nintendo used to bring that magic to their Nintendo Space World events, a fan and consumer showcase Nintendo hosted in the late 90s and early 2000s (basically the PSX of that era). Remember the first time we saw that epic Link and Ganon fight in that realistic, gritty art style for the Gamecube? That happened at Space World 2000. By the way, that game ultimately transformed into what we now know to be The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker (LOL! Great game, but interesting change in art direction.).
  2. In my opinion, ever since Nintendo stepped away from the formalities of their on stage presentations at E3 and started doing their own thing with their Nintendo Directs/Nintendo Digital Events, they’ve added an extra level of entertainment (other than seeing new games for the first time). Aside from the amazing games Nintendo brought to E3 2014, including the announcement for new IP, Splatoon, the Robot Chicken skits had me cracking up. If Nintendo could reboot Space World as the Nintendo equivalent to PSX, starting with the Nintendo Switch, it could potentially amplify the positive momentum the system already has.
  3. Nintendo has some of the most social and interactive games in the industry, which is why they could possibly dedicate a tertiary part of their event to competitive gaming tournaments. Recalling again to E3 2014, Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Tournament was easily one of the highlights of the show. Nintendo fans and non-fans alike were tuned into their monitors and TVs watching the epicness that ensued. That Megaman final smash tho! I also thoroughly enjoyed the Nintendo World Championships at E3 2015, where contestants played a plethora of Nintendo titles for the end prize. The Super Mario Maker challenge round was hard core!

The only thing that concerns me about this possibility is the fact that we could get fewer Nintendo Direct presentations (we usually get about 3-4 a year) in place of such a huge undertaking. It’s no secret that for the past several generations, first party Nintendo titles is all that they could count on. If Nintendo were to bring back Space World, does that mean they’d have to officially forfeit E3? Or maybe they could make Space World their official E3 show. They effectively did this for E3 2014 and 2015 when they invited fans out to experience the Super Smash Bros. Tournament and the Nintendo World Championships – and not to mention their Best Buy and Nintendo World Store events in New York on special days. Who knows, but it makes for a great conversation!

What do you guys think? Do you think Nintendo could reboot Space World as the Nintendo equivalent to PSX? What about Microsoft or other gaming companies?

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