No Nintendo Switch Version of Metroid by Retro Studios and Other Rumors


According to Nintendo Switch leaker, Laura K. Dale on a reddit AMA, Retro Studios is actually not working on that new Metroid game we’ve all been hollering for.

That being said, whatever Retro Studios is working on, it will supposedly be unveiled at Nintendo’s Switch event on January 12th. Keep in mind that Retro Studios has been hiring like crazy and they are now a big enough studio to work on two games simultaneously. Anyone else hoping for a revival of Star Tropics on the same fashion as Uncharted or Tomb Raider? Wishful thinking? My bad.

Alongside the revelation of Retro’s secret project were other rumors or things to look forward to at either the Nintendo Switch January event or the console’s launch in March.

January Event Rumors

  • The January event will be “very beefy” with information regarding multiple aspects of the console and it’s games.
  • Presentation time may be approximately 30 to 60 mins in length.

Rumors About the Nintendo Switch Console Itself

  • The Nintendo Switch will supposedly launch on March 17th (UK release) with all regions receiving the console within the same week.
  • The Nintendo Switch will be region free.
  • Supposedly the console will launch at £200 (UK) with an SKU at or under $300 (currency type was no specified).
  • It will have at least 32gb of internal memory in the entry model.
  • Achievements are supposedly being implemented, but Laura doesn’t know if it’s a part of My Nintendo or a separate setup.
  • The battery life will be 3 hours maximum.
  • Expect to see Bluetooth support. Laura is unsure if this details support for Bluetooth headphones or not.
  • The Nintendo Switch’s screen will be touch capable.
  • Miiverse is returning. The Share button on the Nintendo Switch will have the ability to upload screenshots and video recordings to Miiverse and possibly other outlets.
  • The controllers will have analog triggers.
  • In regards to ethernet support, the dev kits have ethernet ports built in. The press event and public demo units will not. Laura is unsure if retail Switch’s will have them or not. She believes that if the press event units are anything to go on, you’ll need a USB to ethernet dongle again.
  • The Switch Pro controller will have gyro support.
  • 128gb microsd cards will be viable for external storage options.

Games Rumored for the Console Launch and Beyond

  • Laura has heard about two third party exclusives with the Mario/Rabbids RPG being one. She suspects that there will be at least 3, but can’t guarantee if they will be “good exclusives”.
  • The Virtual Console will be disappointing in terms of quantity out of the gate.
  • Mario Kart 8 will get an extensive port for the Nintendo Switch. The Super Smash Bros. port will have minimal additions.
  • There is supposedly a CGI teaser for Beyond Good and Evil 2 in the works and will be less than a minute long. There is no word on if it’ll be ready for the January reveal.
  • Monolith Soft is working on something totally new, similar to Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles X in terms of combat style. Hype!
  • Retro Studios is not working on Metroid right now.

There you have it, folks! Hopefully this condensed version of the latest Nintendo Switch rumors are easy to consume. Until next time! Happy gaming!

  • bathumanmanman

    I mean, I know it’s probably true… But it’s still laura kate dale… Who’s lied and bullshitted too much for me to believe…