Nintendo: Will They Rise Again?


The Console of a Generation

The golden boy of consoles in the old days.
The golden boy of consoles in the old days.

A long time ago, in a golden era lost to time, Nintendo was THE game console to have. In fact, the Nintendo Entertainment System was responsible for bringing video games back into our homes after the crash and keeping them there forever. Boys and girls would run home to play the newest Super Mario or Mortal Kombat game on their NES or SNES.

Nowadays, if  they’re not out vying for the coveted PlayStation 4, they’re too busy matching candies and soda cans or playing vault overseer on their latest iPhones. While video gaming certainly isn’t dead, the mobile gaming era’s herculean grip  on gamers has companies scrambling to stay afloat.

The new heavyweight champi…uhhh…let’s try that again!

Much better! The new heavyweight champion of gaming…the mobile phone!

Hard Times

“Oh no! Mario’s in trouble? I have to save him!” Princess Peach exclaims as she hops onto Mario’s noble dinosaur Yoshi and prepares to zoom into the galaxy to defend her man.

Oh, my dear Peach! Now you’re going to save Mario? How times have changed!

While the Italian plumber is still adored by gamers far and wide, he’s not enough to save Nintendo from modern advances in gaming. To be fair, Nintendo’s been dealt bob-ombs left and right. The company’s Wii U gaming system has only just sold 10 million copies, their iron rock Satoru Iwata passed away this summer, and they failed to make Interbrand’s 2015 list of the 100 Best Global Brands. The list is a huge deal as only the most profitable and malleable companies make the list. Nintendo’s lack of malleability has pushed them off the list for the first time since 2001.


Satoru Iwata will reign in the hearts of Nintendo fans. May he rest with the gods.

Moving Into the Future

Nintendo is moving forward with new president Tatsumi Kimishima, a ginger Mario hop into the mobile market, and a brand new hit game on their hands. While many of its go-to franchise games have sold  2.25 million copies to 5.11 million copies each, Super Mario Maker sold more than more than 1 million copies last month alone. With its presence in the gaming sphere becoming less vibrant, Nintendo is ready for a metamorphosis. The 125-year-old company (yes, it’s really that old) is finally set to announce the first of several smartphone games before 2015 is through.


New Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima and his Nintendo army are a formidable force to be reckoned with.

Sure, Nintendo can pull a Bethesda and create a mobile game to hype up their newest console game, but will smartphone games get them back on top?


Your favorite plumber superhero pops out of your screen…literally…in Super Mario Real World 3D! Ok not really, but he’ll soon be jumping onto smartphone and tablet screens.

An Uncertain Future


 Nintendo has proven that they are capable of change. The Nintendo Wii was proof that Nintendo had innovation potential. This time, a fresh idea will require thinking outside the box. Unless they’re determined to head into territory that doesn’t solely involve  Mario and his karts and they’re willing to keep up with new eras, Nintendo will continue its downward spiral.

The dawn of the NX fast approaches and Nintendo has a new chance to shine. Will they excel at full force or will they settle for Mario Party Paper Jam Kart World NX?

It’s now or never Nintendo. It’s time to make new memories. It’s time to bring the magic back.


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