Nintendo’s New Business Structure


Nintendo is old school. They have been keeping gamers happy since the 1980s with their franchises and systems. Technology improves everything except for common sense, morality and intelligence. Nintendo hasn’t been using gamification technology to their highest potential which is now coming back to bite them on the ass. They recently announced that they are considering a new business structure that may include smart devices. Most gamers are saying it’s about time, and on the business side, it is seconded. It is about time for Nintendo to start using all resources at their disposal. It’s not about dissing their fans or their development teams and third-party studios. It’s about keeping an industry stable with creative works and meaningful entertainment. If Nintendo is not in certain markets, then these markets become flooded with the same type of products.

I do not want Nintendo to adapt shady free-to-play practices that many mobile developers are using. I hope that once they come into the mobile markets, they will set quality standards. Heavens knows we need better quality standards and not development studios and publishers ripping its customers off at every gameplay action. Sure consumers spend millions on and in these “apps” but that doesn’t mean that it should be the standard. Let me buy something worth while on my Android phone. Perhaps Nintendo’s new business structure will lead the way.

SOURCE: Tech Beat

Do you think Nintendo should or shouldn’t make moves towards the mobile market? What would be their reasons not to? And would you support Nintendo if they do incorporate mobile gaming?

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  • Very powerful article, Quaisha! I always find it odd when people say that Nintendo should start putting their games on smartphones. That kind of defeats the purpose of their hardware. If I recall correctly, Nintendo did mention making a presence on smart phones at yesterday’s investor’s meeting, but it won’t be making games. It may be some things along the lines of an app or something. You never know with Nintendo lol.