The NX Has Finally Been Revealed As Nintendo Switch


It’s been a long wait but Nintendo has finally revealed what the NX is! Introducing Nintendo Switch!

We can see from the trailer that the Switch is an on go the device that you can also use in your living room. Much of this information is nothing new if you have at all paid attention to leaks over the past few months, but it is nice to finally see it. It looks compact and easy to use, as you can “Switch” from your living room to taking the device on the road and connect it with friends. As you switch from home to on the go, you switch controller style too, going from a home experience to a handheld. It also looks like we can use a traditional “classic” controller as well which will make many gamers happy. Here is a closer look at the Switch:


I’d imagine that if you are a big fan of the 3DS, you will love and appreciate this. Nintendo lately has let a lot of fans down with the downfall of the Wii U and lack of 3rd party support. Nintendo looks to rebound with the Switch, bringing us an in-home entertainment system we can also take on the go. I dig it, if it’s all done right. I’m definitely keeping my eye on the Switch. The Nintendo Switch comes out March 2017.

What do you think of the Nintendo Switch? Are you excited? Let us know in the comment section!

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