Nintendo NX Rumors: How Much is True or False? | E-I-C Speaks


The Nintendo NX is largely one of the most talked about things that we’ve NEVER even seen in gaming right now. It’s interesting that the only things we know are that 1) it’s an upcoming project and 2) it’s code name is Nintendo NX. Literally. This. Is. It. Anything else that we THINK we know is speculation on behalf of what arm chair analysts from every living room in the country believes to be true based on the culture around Nintendo and the way that they have shaped their little corner of the video game market. All things else are rumors from random forum dwellers who claim to have inside information from company employees. That being said, there have been some interesting rumors that lead me to believe that maybe there’s a possibility that some of them could be spot on. At this point, I believe there could be some good speculation out there that isn’t too far-fetched from things Nintendo would actually do. This video is food for thought on just how much of the Nintendo NX rumors could be true and how many of them could be flat out false as there is 50/50 potential for both ends of the spectrum. This patent could have been scrapped altogether or it could potentially lead to some aspects of the truth in regard to how the NX controller could be featured.

Nintendo needs to come out and announce this thing already.

After watching the video and hearing my thoughts, tell me what you think could be true and what could be false. Could all of it be another elaborate rouse or could at best 25% of the rumors lead to something plausible. Sound off below!