These Official Wii U eShop Stats Might Surprise You


Ever questioned just how many consumers search and/or buy games on the Wii U Nintendo eShop? Thanks to a very enlightening Unite 2014 conference, we now know the answer. Damon Baker of Nintendo of America presented to the crowd the many reasons why developers using the Unity Engine should develop on Wii U hardware.

A part of his presentation were these statistics:


Surprisingly enough, individuals between the ages of 18 and 24 at 33% and ages 25-34 at 46% are the eShop’s most dominate demographic. Women account for a whopping 7% of the total consumer base. Brutal!

Damon Baker also mentioned some of the acclaimed games currently on the Nintendo eShop such as Armillo, Shovel Knight, Wooden Sen’Sey, and upcoming games like Paper Monsters, Gone Home, and Nihilumbra have found their home on Nintendo’s digital store. Sidenote: Gone Home was definitely news to me! I had no idea that game was also coming to Wii U.

Watch the Unity and the Wii U eShop segment below.

Have you made a trip to the eShop today?

I definitely encourage you to do so.

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Source: Unite 2014

  • Ephylix

    That’s… interesting, to say the least.

  • The Wii U eShop is where it’s at because there’s more offerings. However, something needs to be done with that 7%. There needs to be more targeted marketing on both Nintendo and Wii U indie devs games towards women. I’m not talking about making women-friendly games but I’m talking about putting real gamer women in commercials or trailers. Maybe even have events where gamer women can win stuff. Its all about inclusion not exclusion.