The Order: 1886 Lacks Multiplayer, 30 FPS; Sony Fans: “It’s Okay.”


Today, news arrived that The Order: 1886 will not have multiplayer and will run at 30 FPS. Some people looking forward to this game are disappointed, but a lot of Sony fans are okay with this news, stating that not having an online cooperative mode is fine as long as the game is good. I agree, but I did notice that when it comes to Sony, it has become a routine to just shrug news like this off. If it were Microsoft or even Nintendo…. it probably would be a different story.

One thing we can probably all agree on is that these next-generation, now current-gen systems are being scrutinized for all news about resolution and frame rates as well as games having or lacking multiplayer options. Microsoft has been the center of finger pointing this generation with a lot of its games not running at 1080p and/or 60 fps. Perhaps, rightfully so. Although frame rates and resolutions were not reasons I sold my Xbox One, the numbers don’t lie.

nbaAccording to IGN, the PlayStation 4 runs Assassins Creed 4 and COD: Ghosts at 1080p while the Xbox One runs them at 720p. Dead Rising 3 was an Xbox One launch title that received a ton of criticism for “only” running at 30 fps and having noticeable frame drops. The Order: 1886 will also run at 30 fps and won’t have multiplayer, yet the criticism is nowhere near what Dead Rising 3 received. I can’t be the only one noticing this.

If we think back to last generation, games became a lot better looking and performed better as time went on. I imagine the same will happen this generation, so, why are frame rates, graphics, and resolutions so important this early to begin with? The Xbox 360, for example had launch titles such as Peter Jackson’s: King Kong, NBA 2K6, and Perfect Dark: Zero which look inferior to the likes of the 360’s latest titles out now such as, Tomb Raider, NBA2K14, and Titanfall coming next month.

Titanfall, as we all know, is a multiplayer only game. This may be just an issue of fans wanting more single player experiences, which I can agree with, but nonetheless Titanfall has received criticism for being a multiplayer only game. While The Order: 1886 denies multiplayer, including co-op, which many feel would be perfect for the game, and it’s simply accepted as “okay.”

I’m not here to say whether this game needs mutliplayer or not, or if frame rates and resolutions are important, or even which console is better. Personally, I just want to see great games this generation, regardless of what console and whether it is single-player and/or multiplayer. I’m here only to make an honest observation. Any issue with Sony seems to be casually swept under the rug while other issues with Microsoft and Nintendo are blown out of proportion and I can’t help but wonder, “If the issues with the Xbox One were the issues of the PlayStation 4, would the gaming community treat Sony the same”?

I think this guy has it right:


At this point and where we are with technology, with PC’s able to output amazing resolutions and frame rate speeds, is it fair to hold the Xbox One and PS4 to the same standards or should we just enjoy them for what they are? Are fans being picky or are they justified? Are PS4 issues being swept under the rug? Tell us!

Source: IGN | VG24/7



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Erica has been fond of gaming since she was 5 years old. Growing up in the 80s and 90s, she was privileged to have experienced the NES, SNES, TurboGrafx 16, Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, N64, amongst many other consoles. Do not mistake her classic upbringing for unawareness of today’s generation of gaming. She is up to date with gaming news, the gaming community, as well as the social aspects of gaming. She is fascinated with men and women and how they each view and treat gaming, and above all she keeps gaming in check for what it is meant to be: for fun. So if you want some down to earth commentary and opinions, look no further than Ericutz4thewin.
  • Most definitely that a lot of Sonys’ issues get swept under the rug, and it has been that way for a while now. Their defenders seem to be more defensive than the other crowds that I’ve seen. However, here is what a lot of people involved in this ‘resolution war’ don’t seem to understand:

    – The Xbox One is capable of 1080p and 60 fps
    – The PS4 is capable of 1080p and 60 fps
    – The WiiU is capable of 1080p and 60 (maybe 30, not sure) fps

    All of the consoles are capable of this, but it’s up to the developers to bring it out into their games. It has nothing to do with the companies at all. Not granted, companies can make systems harder to developer for, like MS has done with the Xbox One, and Sony did with the PS3. However, to sit there and act like any of these systems are not capable of running a certain way just based on a few games is just simply asinine. In the beginning of the PS3s life cycle, a lot of developers couldn’t figure out how to develop games well for it, so it resulted in a lot of sub-par multiplatform games, compared to the much easier to develop for system in the 360. However, you then turn around and look at a game like Uncharted. You probably sit there and wonder why didn’t a lot of games look like that on the PS3 back then? It’s because Naughty Dog knew how to unleash the potential of the PS3. That’s all it boils down to, hence why this ‘resolution war’ is just simply stupid and a waste of time in my opinion. That, and I never needed great graphics and extremely high frames to enjoy playing games. As long as you’re having fun, isn’t that what matters?

    As for Order 1886, the game still looks great, and I’ll be picking it up regardless. Do I think competitive multiplayer could’ve worked? I don’t know, but I think developers should start doing this. Instead of just adding in multiplayer right off the bat, I think they should go to the gaming community, and gauge them to see if they would like multiplayer in the game or not. Then they can bounce around ideas, and maybe add in multiplayer at a later date. I think that would result in a lot less tacked on multiplayer for games (Tomb Raider, Spec Ops, etc…). However I do think they could’ve added in co-op for Order 1886. It seems like a game that you would have a lot of fun in co-op, but then again, there’s little to no gameplay of this game out there, so maybe my opinion could change on that.

  • Like I said in my video about this, it’s really a missed opportunity that this game does not have a co-op mode. As far is it being locked at 30fps, that’s a non-issue for me.

    I agree with you though, anything less than positive about Sony gets swept under the rug as if it never happened lol. Sony is hemorrhaging money right now, but they have the advantage because right now they are in the people’s favor and have the best image. I’m glad that they’re getting their ish together, but their fans are often times in denial. If you’re not praising Sony, they don’t want to hear you lol. I’m honestly a little disappointed in the Sony fanbase right now. They normally speak up about things like this.

  • Spangler

    What an idiotic article. Gamers are fine with it. “Sony fans” we’re reacting to games running differently on PS4 compared to Xbox One. As for Wii U? It’s hardware from 2007/last gen so that’s why it gets crap along with dismal 3rd party support. Common sense. As for 30 fps, more eye candy. It will look amazing, like Ryse does. And not every damn game needs a half assed multiplayer mode. Erica, work on your “journalism” please.

  • Neco the Sergal

    If anyone whines – Just remember this one thing….

    The Last of Us was 30FPS and it was smooth and glorious. Don’t think for a second that just because it isn’t 60FPS on PS4, that it means that quality is being halfassed. The quality surely is of such a great level that it’s best that it runs at 30FPS so it DOESN’T sacrifice quality for an unnecessarily smoother framerate.

    It being 30FPS is fine, because all those who’ve seen the game have claimed it to be a definitive on what will be what everyone sees as ‘What is NEXT GEN’. Same for Infamous Second Son. So, deal with it until you see the full gameplay.

  • Come back and write this article once we have actually seen gameplay of The Order. It could be running at 30fps and have mind-blowing visuals and particle effects. Maybe that is why most people are reserving judgement for now. We will know in 2 weeks.

  • Matt

    Im not going to argue that The Order needs multiplayer or not, personally I would prefer a few games come out that focus on the single player experience. But I caution you not to speak too loudly of this tack on multiplayer later idea. EA or Activision might hear you and start launching there multiplayer games (lets not fool ourselves, battlefield and COD are multiplayer games) without multiplayer, then selling us the option later as a 50USD DLC pack or something.

  • I think you missed the point. Did you read the article? I never once complained about it being 30 fps.

  • Sonypsfourstinksbuttfart

    Of course it’s a sony game, nobody is allowed to complain or it’s trolling lol. Such a joke.

  • Sonypsfourstinksbuttfart

    There is a reason we haven’t seen any gameplay……and I’m not talking about sony trying to drive up the hype which by the way they are and it’s backfiring.

  • Sonypsfourstinksbuttfart

    A little defensive and mad aren’t ya? Lol ps4 not all it’s cracked up to be

  • Sonypsfourstinksbuttfart

    Well said god sir

  • The point of the article is that people look away when the issue of 30 fps and lack of multiplayer or whatever the case may be, happens to Sony. When Dead Rising 3 was confirmed 30 fps, everyone and their momma went crazy and criticized MS to no end, without even seeing gameplay or playing it. Nintendo haters went nuts over Mario 3D world not having online co-op but when The Order doesn’t have MP, its “okay.” that is the point. I’m happy with my journalism thanks 🙂

  • Sonypsfourstinksbuttfart

    THe game looks great? Lol I didn’t know you saw more then the rest of the world…oh that’s right you didn’t, so you must be basing it on a few static screens that may or may not be actual representation of in game graphics.

  • Sonypsfourstinksbuttfart

    Exactly, great article. Glad you shut those fanboys up.

  • Sonypsfourstinksbuttfart

    Excuses, all you get from sony ponies is excuses and poor ones at that.

  • Well my idea was for games that are new as a way to test out if the game is made for Multiplayer or not. Also, EA or Activision would not even consider my suggestion, because I said that it should involve the gaming community for feedback and ideas. Neither one of those two do that, plus they make money off of their big Multiplayer games, so they wouldn’t even consider my suggestion anyway.

  • ShwankyShpanky

    “I can’t help but wonder, ‘If the issues with the Xbox One were the issues of the PlayStation 4, would the gaming community treat Sony the same’?”

    If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we’d all have a merry Christmas.

    I think the answer is pretty clear, considering how much flak Sony caught during the last gen.

  • Actually no I haven’t seen more than anyone else, however based on what I’ve seen, the game looks great. I even said at the end that little to no gameplay has been shown, but what HAS been shown looks pretty damn good to me, and has me interested. Last time I checked, I’m allowed to have an opinion based on what I’ve seen. Please read my comment before responding next time, thank you.

  • Rudero

    I got the point. The tide has turned and now we are no longer able to do comparisons. We are no longer allowed to do game comparisons. We are no longer allowed to mock games that are said to be 30fps but yet dipping into the teens.
    These consoles launched in November… What about the last 8 years of xbots trying to put down anything playstation?
    If these issues are of things that you do not want to see why go into the articles about them?
    Why, as I read the comments, open the door for more people to read about the truth of the power gaps between consoles only to see the cheaper console is the better console due to hardware?

  • tapperbot

    No need to get so worked up there Erica, fanboys will be fanboys. However, even though I neither speak for Sony nor Xbox fanboys here, I,ve played numerous locked 30fps games on my PS4, the only time I’ve ever criticized an X1 game’s framerate is when those games are advertised as 30fps but turn out to run lower. I never have and never will criticize an X1 game for running at locked 30fps. So please tell me MS does not deserve any criticism when their game (DR3) which is advertised 30fps, dips to rates as bad as 16fps. Now that ma’am is unacceptable. Couple that with the 720p resolution (I hope you’ve already checked the supposed resolution of the Order). So please, relax.

    Also, that is by far the worst level of journalism I have seen on any site. Even opinion pieces can be crafted to be written unlike that of a fangirl who’s got her knickers in a knot. No offense.

    As for the moron below, I guess his username tells you his level of maturity.

  • Sonypsfourstinksbuttfart

    So you base your defense on “but xbox fans did it for 8 years!” Lol grow up and get lost. Better yet, sweep your problems under e rug with sonys, they’ll be safely hidden there. Hah.

  • Sonypsfourstinksbuttfart

    The answer isn’t clear at all by your reply….more sony pony BS lol.

  • Sonypsfourstinksbuttfart

    She isn’t the one getting “worked up”, it is you sony fans who make every excuse in the book as to why sonys and it’s ps4s faults are ok. Nice try turning it on her but it’s obvious as to what you are trying and failing to do. Go hide under the rug, yes e same one that sony sweeps all their problems under. You fail.

  • Sonypsfourstinksbuttfart

    I read your comments and they are wrong, you are just wrong period. Hmm let’s say how great this game looks by these 5 screenshots, let’s brag about it while avoiding it’s problems, the screen aspect ratio, no multiplayer, only 30fps, no footage whatsoever, just go away you turd or terd if you prefer the phonetic spelling.

  • tapperbot

    Great, another xbot clutching at straws. Don’t you have anything better to do, like playing a console that can’t even run a last gen game at a solid 30 fps?

  • Sonypsfourstinksbuttfart

    Oh I forgot, what pray tell is wrong with my screen name? Why isn’t “tapperbot” childish and moronic? I created this name as a dead serious representation of my feelings, why did you choose yours? What is a tapperbot? I know what a butt fart is, do you? Obviously not or you would understand the significance of my name.

  • It seems to me you have trouble understanding what an ‘opinion’ is. Here, I’ll be even more clear, ready? IN MY OPINION, the game looks damn good, based on the screenshots AND the CGI trailer that showed off the game. See, here’s the thing, I’m allowed to have this opinion, just as you’re allowed to have yours.’ Since it’s my opinion, I can’t be wrong, because it is MY opinion. The funny thing is that you’re acting like I’m some sort of Sony drone, when I called them out at the beginning of my original comment, which once again, you didn’t read. The point of this article was to talk about how Sonys’ problems are being swept under the rug and to show how hypocritical some of these Sony defenders are, and I was in agreement with it. Of course, you wouldn’t know that, because you didn’t read the comment, but seeing as how you’re using words such as ‘turd,’ I probably shouldn’t be surprised. Your reading comprehension probably doesn’t extend too far, but I don’t write comments for people such as yourself, I write them to express my viewpoints. Also no, I won’t go away, but thanks for the offer, going to go put it in my IDGAF cup 😉

  • JustSaying

    Everyone seems to be forgetting how last gen the PS3 could do no right in everyone’s eyes and the 360 *after RROD* could do no wrong. it’s funny how now that the table are turned people are having a problem with it. lol

  • jb226

    I think you’ve done a fine job writing the article, but there is one caveat which is what makes me fine with the 30fps. Ready at Dawn have said from the beginning that they were aiming for a filmic look & cinematic experience, and movies have been running in 23 fps for decades, it’s the sweet spot that filmmakers have found draws people into the worlds and stories. Maybe it has to do with how your brain interprets the information, I’m not sure on the science of it, but if a dev is looking to make a cinematic game, it makes sense for them to use a similar framerate. Also, framerate is really only an issue on multiplayer fps twitch shooters, as gamers practice to achieve those fast reflexes, in this situation, in a singleplayer situation like this one the devs have the ability to tune the world around the framerate, as long as it’s locked at 30 fps it should be fine, it adds to the experience more than it could take away. As far as multiplayer I think Ready at Dawn should be commended for not tacking on a multiplayer mode that they have no interest in creating, just like Respawn should be commended for not tacking on a campaign that they aren’t interested in. Ultimately no one has seen or played these games, so there is definitely a fair amount of pressure, but both devs have proven their capabilities so I’m not worried in the slightest.

  • Sonypsfourstinksbuttfart

    Man your rampant BS comments don’t quit, you lost, I humiliated you, stop trying to win via reply, you can’t win, you failed after your original post. Now get lost kid, you are outta your league lol.

  • Sonypsfourstinksbuttfart

    Lol your last comment shows how defensive and angry you are at the ps4, well done lol.

  • “I can’t help but wonder, ‘If the issues with the Xbox One were the issues of the PlayStation 4, would the gaming community treat Sony the same?'”

    There was that much hate on Sony when the ps3 released and had lower native resolutions…. how old are these people who forget that?

  • Areyou4real

    I guess your entitled to your opinion but your looking at the situation with goggles on and not realizing the real issue here. First, please don’t say Sony Fans because we can get into load of conversation of all fanboys who are okay with everything and anything their favorite company does.

    Secondly, the difference between the two issues you put out there is, one has been said from the get to achieve a specific look and feel. Something that Dead Rising initially wasn’t targeting, claimed they were targeting and fell flat until launched. Ready at Dawn never promised 60 fps. That’s what everyone was making up. They specifically said they were targeting a filmic cinematic experience. They never claimed to be doing 1080p either saying they were targeting something more of 900p. Then we go deeper into seeing the game design, reading an entire cover about it on Game Informer, finding out more of the story pretty much killing any ideas of multiplayer. The game doesn’t have a multiplayer aspect for it. It’s just a story.

    So your argument on whether Sony positives are thrown under the rug because of fanboy double standards completely disregarding that the competitor is incompetent to close their mouth and STOP over promising on things is completely false. I understand you don’t have a problem with it but it’s thrown under the rug for good reason. No one expected it because they never promised it.

    Microsoft has not stop talking about their system and why it’s better and why their games or better and blah blah because they feel they always have something to prove. Sony doesn’t say anything because they let the games talk for themselves and that’s why it’s not a big deal.

    Adding on to that, When there are obvious disperancies between multiplatform games on two different systems and one is better, Sony isn’t beating their chest to make you know that. The media clings on to it and makes a big deal, Sony has never made it a big deal, end of story.

    Two wrap this whole thing up, point of the story is this. Sony let their developers makes games they way they want to. It’s a first party game, running flat on just a PS4 system and due to their respective background of delivering on even the worst of hardwares, they still make great games. So people don’t question it, they have put their money where their mouth is and have the studios, and milestones to prove it. Other do not and if they are boasting that they are, they should be able to deliver on all promises.

  • Hicken

    Everyone did not go crazy about Dead Rising, but that game struggled to maintain 30fps anyway. It’s also not a graphical powerhouse in the slightest. The zombies onscreen could have been a problem, but then a LOT of sacrifices were made to add those zombies, including resolution, framerate, and overall graphical effect.

    Sorry, but I can’t recall ANYBODY giving Nintendo crap for 3D World not having online co-op.

    When people HAVE criticized an XB1 game for being at 30fps, it was almost exclusively multiplats. And when and if it was done, the PS4 version ran at a higher framerate. They have been picky about the two versions of the game not running at the same framerate, particularly in the face of Microsoft constantly saying they weren’t giving up anything to the PS4 in power, etc.

    If anything, people were disappointed in the lack of co-op for 3D World, and that same sentiment has been expressed for The Order. Unfortunately, that isn’t what you wanted to see, so you didn’t see it.

  • ok let’s be clear here as people in this comments section clearly aren’t getting it. The ps3 and 360 are technically cable of 1080p at 60fps the graphics of the game would have to be shit but… If you’ve ever played on pc, the best way to demonstrate this is go into the graphics settings and slowly turn all the effects up as high as they can go (on a relatively modern game mind you…) your frame rate should go through the floor. Turn the effects off and make the graphics worse and it’ll recover. Now xbox one has gotten crap chucked at it over the whole fps/resolution thing because many of the games at launch where also on last gen consoles. Now some of them ran in higher fps/resolution etc on ps4 than on xbox one. Hence the hate- as previous gen games they really ought to be running at higher res and settings. Now from what’s been said and the little we’ve seen about the order it’s graphical capabilities sound amazing and it’s apparently running 4x MSAA aswell if ll this comes at the sacrifice of being able to be certain of 60fps so instead you llock in at 30fps as it wont’really have THAT big a difference then I know what one i’d pick. This is why so few people have complained about it.

  • Nicolás

    You really need to do some more research. It’s not ’cause the games are from Sony. It’s because a game like Dead Rising 3 is promoted running at 30 fps when, in reality, it dips down below the 20s. Same with Ryse, for example, or even Tomb Raider Definitive Edition.

    If The Order is locked 30 it’s no problem. A LOT OF PSFANS asked Guerrilla to lock on 30s the fps of Shadow Fall’s single player cause the dips between 50 and 40 fps is annoying sometimes. They finally did it with it’s new patch.

    Playing at a rock solid 30 fps is OK. As far as MP, well i’m not a fan of it, i’m all about Single Player so that’s ok with me; but sometimes it’s stupid getting a MP just for the sake of it, like Tomb Raider, BioShock 2, Dead Space 2 or Arkham Origins… No one buys those games ’cause of the MP.

    The 60 fps only are needed for racing and brawler games and Multiplayers… Things to wich you need that reaction.

  • Neco the Sergal

    Such a creative post.

  • lol where are you getting in all of this that I am “worked up?” I wrote an article, and I responded to some comments. And “fangirl?” ah you wanna go there. You did read the part where I sold my Xbox One right? And I don’t own a Wii U. Next. BTW, DR3 is just one example. There are plenty others I can use where articles/videos and fans in N4G, IGN, Gamespot, comment sections who went crazy over X1 games not being 60 fps or 1080p.

  • dakota caraqueno

    “If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we’d all have a merry Christmas.”


  • Russell Gorall

    It matters to me. -Sony fan and PS4 owner

    This article is fanboy click-bait.

  • Truth

    $0N¥ PauperStation Foul alright. 30fps. GO *love* YOURSELVES PAUPERSTATION N4G*sweeties* NEO*friends*!

    Edited with love. <3

  • The article writer is a bit wrong with some things. Assassins Creed 4 runs at 900p 30fps on Xbox One. While it runs 1080p 30fps on the PS4. Battlefield 4 and COD Ghosts are both 720p and 60fps on Xbox One, while Ghosts is 1080p 60fps on PS4. Battlefield 4 is only 900p and 60fps on PS4 though.

    At the end of the day this is the type of story that if it were a Microsoft game would have some stupid nickname like “30fps Gate” or something dumb. Fact of the matter is that the PS4 only seems to be able to run last gen games in 1080p and 60fps. Ghosts, AC4, Diablo 3, Tomb Raider are all just ports of old games. While strictly current gen PS4 stuff like Knack, Drive Club, inFamous and The Order are all only 30fps…The Order is only 800p thanks to boarders.

    Personally I always thought all the FPS and resolution nonsense would come back to bite Sony fans in the butt because it’s not like they’re not going to play a game if it isn’t 1080p 60fps obviously…I found it incredibly funny when they would thump their chests over Tomb Raider, which never hits 60fps on the PS4, I mean what’s their to be proud of? The Xbox One version actually scored better and because the frame rate was steadier it played really well, but that doesn’t get sites hits.

    As long as vocal minority places like NeoGAF, Reddit and N4G are Sony Ponies, you’ll always have idiotic articles that don’t matter. I mean where was resolution-gate when the 360 was getting higher FPS and resolution last gen?

  • Thank you for your comment. You honestly just educated me. I personally don’t care about fps and resolution. I am a console gamer and if it has never bothered me before why cry now? Games are still getting progressively better on consoles regardless. People need to stop expecting PC quality on consoles.

  • This article is her personal opinion. It just so happens that opinions like this get the views.

  • Very sensible comment. I only care about frames per second in two types of games, racing games I feel like need to pretty much be 60fps and I feel like first person shooters benefit from being 60fps.

    I think the main thing that gets lost in a resolution debate is that the games don’t look bad at all, the jump from last gen to this gen is noticeable and things look great. If all you cared about was frame rate and resolution you’d be better off spending thousands on a PC to achieve that end. To me console gaming has always been about a standard and accessibility.

  • sobekflakmonkey

    Erica, this article is all wrong and you know it, there are quite a few games on X1 that barely run 30fps, Ryse, DR3, TR:DE (Which is a last gen game mind you), the only reason FPS and Resolution was ever brought up for X1 titles is because either games couldn’t even run at 30fps (look at the 3 games listed above) or multiplats were performing way better on PS4, making the X1’s price tag seem extremely steep.

    The only reason Sony Fanboys are okay with a game like The Order: 1886 being done the way it’s being done is because it’s an exclusive, meaning the quality of the game will surpass that of many games, if a game like BF4 looks and runs the way it does on PS4 what would an exclusive look like if they crammed so much into it that it only runs 30fps and at a certain aspect ratio? That’s why people are letting it slide, if the game look phenomenal and plays extremely well then it’s all good.

    On the subject of “No Multiplayer”; MP is not that important, saying a game needs MP is garbo talk, certain games of course need an MP because there really isn’t much else there, but game’s like Assassins Creed and stuff that have one tacked on usually have a really shit MP that nobody plays anyways, whether or not a game has MP does not decide whether or not it’s a good game, obviously co-op would have been nice, but if they’re striving for the best possible SP experience I’m totally cool with that, I’m sick of MP being shoved down everyone’s throats lately..

  • DragonPriest

    “If the issues with the Xbox One were the issues of the PlayStation 4, would the gaming community treat Sony the same”

    Of course they all would! Come on, it’s like people forgot the PS3 launch ever happened!
    It’s a matter of image, and basically this time it happens to be MS’s turn.

    -Sony screwed up the PlayStation 3 launch in 2006 (price, RIDGE RACEEEEERR, etc), from that point on everything related to the platform was heavily criticized, hated, attacked, etc. Hell, they even had to stop calling it PlayStation 3, even a rebranding was necessary to get the bad image off the platform when they launched the Slim in 2009 (Officially it was no longer PlayStation 3, only PS3).
    Let that sink in: a Sony console was heavily hated for years! Even after the Slim launch and with award winning exclusives, many hated the PS3 for the entire generation. Meanwhile, the 360 was the perfect console, and could do no wrong.

    -MS screwed up the Xbox One reveal last year (price, always online DRM, TV TV TV TV FOOTBALL TV TV TV NFL, etc), and from that point, everything related to it has been heavily criticized, hated, attacked, etc. Even after they reversed the always online DRM, Snap and TV features, they are getting hate. The fact that many don’t care for the bundled Kinect at all, or outright hate it, doesn’t help. Meanwhile, the PS4 is the perfect console and can do no wrong.

    You see what I’m getting at?

    The Xbox One is (for now, at least) to this generation what the PS3 was to last generation: a punching bag, the cool thing to hate on. All as a result of the decisions the company made.

    In short: yes, the gaming community would treat Sony the same, just like they were already treated 7 years ago.

    The whole situation is annoying, pathetic, and reeks of double standard, certainly. But it’s not new, it has already happened, to none other than Sony and their PlayStation 3. Luckily for MS, this time people and media are trying to raise awareness about it.

  • Xbot tears sustain me

    Cry harder, Xbots. The Order’s gonna have 4xMSAA so it’ll wipe the floor with the flaccid 360 ports released so far and the empty promises to come on the Xbone. Meanwhile Xbone can’t run a year old last gen the same as it can be run on the PS4.

    Maybe you’ll use this opportunity to realise that MP isn’t as important as you think it is.

  • Educate yourself, Crap Lamer

    You mean like when a lot of fuss was made about multiplats on PS3 performing worse than on the 360? Look it up. You’ll find a lot of griping.

    And get a clue, the PS4 version has a 2 point drop in the average because of two extra average reviews. Meanwhile, the PS4 has over three times more reviews than the Xbone version. No one said anything about any judder, and any reviewer who did will have to knock down the Call of Dogs score because the new patch has brought it down to sub-30FPS with judder.

  • Educate yourself, Crap Lamer

    That’s the Call of Dogs on Xbone, by the way. So much for that cloud powwa!

  • Great comment homie i am a gamer at the end of the day for me if its fun i will play it. Indie AAA doesnt matter i looking to have fun and thats all that matters if i cared about Frames and resolution so much i would build a PC lol thanks for supporting the site bye the much love.

  • Guest