Otakon 2015 Cosplay Showcase


Baltimore’s Inner Harbor teemed with colorful cosplayers, photographers, and anime and video game fans last weekend during the city’s annual convention, Otakon. The convention is the biggest anime gathering on the East Coast, reeling in about 30,000 people each year. And within such a massive gathering of geeks, there’s bound to be one thing: amazing cosplay. Here’s a taste of Otakon 2015 cosplay:



Courtney cosplaying as Sinon from the Gun Gale arc of Sword Art Online.

The gun’s the big part. I ended up making the base out of PVC piping. I used Worbla around cardboard actually to get the shape. The bipods actually from a nerf gun, but I attached it so you can use it if you wanna do some shots.


This amazing Pokemon gym leader group blew me away with their props! In order, there’s Whitney, Misty, Erika, and Blaine.

[The Staryu] is made out of cardboard and paper mache. The base is made out of cardboard, and then I just paper mached over it.

[The Oddish] is a beach ball that was paper-mached, and then wire hangers and foam were used to make the leaves.


Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe


This girl is looking fierce as Seong Mi-na from the Soul Calibur series!


Are you  kid, or are you a squid? These cosplayers look fabulous as Callie and Marie from Splatoon!

[The cosplay] is sewn. We made it ourselves. We bought patterns, made muslin mock ups, and then edited the muslins, tried them on. My mom sews a lot so she knew everything about all the basics and she helped us out. Splatoon is the best FPS I’ve ever played, probably one of my favorite games!


Saeko Busujima from High School of the Dead by Sheenah Cosplay


These girls were an adorable Love Live: School Idol Project cosplay group in their cheerleader costumes! From left to right: Umi is Zeylia Wing Cosplay, Kotori is Capricornium, Rin is MissDeniMae Cosplay, Maki is MochaMojo Cosplay, Nozomi is Taost Cosplay, and Eli is Cherriko Cosplay.


This was one of my favorite simple cosplays from the weekend: Owen and Claire from Jurassic World!


This group of Madoka Magica bunny suits were too adorable! Mami is Maiitsu, Homura is Crinoline Cosplay, Madoka is Rutuli Cosplay, and Sayaka is Vivi Cakes Cosplay.

Rutuli Cosplay:

I modified a Rufflebutt bunny suit pattern and added the ruffles, painted the shoes– they used to be teal.

Crinoline Cosplay:

I also did the Rufflebutt pattern and modified it. And I painted my tights myself, and I made the ears.


A gorgeous Tali cosplay from Soul Calibur.


This cosplayer certainly dropped a nostalgia bomb at Otakon — Miss Frizzle from the Magic School Bus!


This duo, part of the cosplay group GoshDarn Cosplay, look great as Sonic and Amy from the Sonic the Hedgehog series!


The hammers made out of flower pots and they’re actually apoxied together. They were like this plastic flower pots we got at Wal-Mart for like, $5. The rest of it is pizza boxes. [The handle] is made from a paint roller and a broomstick.


The ears are fabric, they’re like a light fabric and sewn on. The headbands are painted. His mom actually made the scarf!


A wonderful RWBY group including the main four gals from the series: Yang, Blake, Weiss and Ruby!


A Vault Boy inspired dress from the Fallout series! I absolutely loved this idea and the retro take to fit the series.


EternalZarya Cosplay as Olivia from Fire Emblem: Awakening, and a friend as Madoka Kaname from Madoka Magica.


A wonderful Ivy cosplayer from Soul Calibur!



A behind the scenes photo of a cosplay shoot in progress! Zeylia Wing Cosplay as Sakura and Chelsea of The Twin Cosplayers as Syaoran from Card Captor Sakura, with GunKatCosplay as Supergirl being their assistant.



LaineyCat Cosplay is killing it in her human GLaDOS cosplay, accompanied by her friend as a male Chell from Portal.

So this basically is made out of EVA foam — he actually made the head piece. The little plastic pieces are all 3D printed. And then we did LEDs, and a lot of it is craft foam.


SheAttack writer Ellie MacIntyre is an avid cosplayer and got in on the fun this weekend too! Here’s her Rodeo Claire Redfield from Resident Evil Revelations 2.



And finally, yours truly as Huntress Yang from RWBY!


Stay tuned for more Otakon 2015 coverage on SheAttack!

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