Papo & Yo: Is it Hot or Nah?


There are some games that tell a story or tale about something that could relate to someone personally. These games, I like to think are emotional and this game is definitely an emotional one.

Papo & Yo – Story

Papo & Yo starts in a small closet with a boy named Quico. He seems to be hiding from someone (we later learn is his father during a drunken rage) clutching to his toy named Lula. Quico discovers a glowing chalk mark on the wall and walks over towards it. When he touches it, Quico finds himself in a strange world. There he meets a young girl named Alejandra, his live toy Lula, and a beast that is simply named Monster.

The game itself is unique with its artwork and puzzle solving. You have to solve the puzzle of the place you are in to continue forward. The puzzles can be challenging in a think-outside-the-box kind of way. You might have to use the environment in a way you never thought of before. You may also have to use your friend Monster to help you to new “heights” (I made a funny).

Papo and Yo - Monster

The goal is to solve the puzzles throughout the world with Quico’s new friends as well as keep Monster fed as he can get bored quite easily. But mostly you’ll want to keep monster away from a certain type of item. This item can turn Monster into a beast that can hurt everyone in his path. It is in the form of green frogs, but something else is hidden in the message of those frogs.

Papo & Yo is a story about substance abuse and what it can do to a person’s family if not treated. This message is the heart of the game though the eyes of a child. Most people who are alcoholics do not see the damage they are doing to their loved ones until it is too late.

Hot or Nah?

This is a very amazing game and I give it a HOT rating all the way. I really loved the message it was sending to people about this type of situation and would love it if you could check it out as well.

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