NVIDIA Shield Impressions and Interview – PAX East 2014


This evening, Nia and Jaleesa of SheAttack were able to witness what technology giants, NVIDIA had to show the public at PAX. We were also lucky enough to get more hands-on with the NVIDIA Shield, a portable device that boasts the power of your PC on the go. Upon entering the maze-like display, we were introduced to a virtual host, who’s name I don’t remember at the time, discussing why the NVIDIA Shield is the ultimate way to play games on the go. The NVIDIA Shield is a portable device that plays the most popular games that PC gamers enjoy. The NVIDIA Shield also plays Android games with the advantage of that controller-like design on the bottom half of it’s clamshell design. The NVIDIA Shield can also connect with other NVIDIA Shield devices via a Bluetooth connection for local and cooperative play. Not to mention, just like many other devices with a screen, you can watch Netflix, access certain applications, and listen to music.

The Good

When I first heard about the NVIDIA Shield last year I thought it was a good idea, but I wasn’t sure how much I’d personally want one for myself. After the demonstration at PAX, holding it for myself, and the realization of what was being offered, I’m a bit more optimistic about the product and what it could mean for portable and even couch gaming. During the interview that I had with an NVIDIA employee, he said to me that the device supports an array of PC games such as Rochard, Borderlands 2, Skyrim, etc. That sounds fantastic for a person that is always on the go. Not only that, but you can be anywhere playing these games. You don’t have to be in your house within range of your PC. Take the NVIDIA on airplanes, to the mall, and to your appointments in the waiting room – it will work if your internet connection is competent enough. Did I also mention that you can put this this thing in console mode? Close the clamshell, sync the device with your television, and play your favorite games on the big screen in your living room. The NVIDIA Shield definitely boasts some desirable features while harnessing the power of a gaming class PC.

The Bad

Well, it’s not really bad bad. This may be a personal sentiment, but the NVIDIA Shield doesn’t support EVERY PC game. It only supports compatible games. The representative stated that there are certain popular games that are supported on the Shield so there’s a good possibility that certain games you may personally want to play won’t be available if they’re smaller or niche titles. The way that NVIDIA chooses which games are supported are based on community and consumer demand. Other than that, I think the NVIDIA Shield is a great device. It currently retails for $199 as a promotional price and does everything your Nintendo 3DS and your PlayStation Vita can do – more or less – for around the same price. The only issue is whether or not the games currently supported in the device are the ones you’d like to play. Maybe they are, maybe they’re not. For all of the technical details on the NVIDIA Shield, check out their website. Also, check out which games are currently compatible with the device.

Have you had a chance to see or get your hands on the NVIDIA Shield? How do you feel about the device and what it’s capable of doing?

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Nvidia Shield
Nia (left) and Gabby (right) at the NVIDIA booth at PAX East 2014.
  • I like the idea of putting it in console mode! thats awesome… I wish I could get something like this but have it all N64 or SNES games, now that would be amazing….I know there’s mods out there and stuff but I mean like a legit product on the market!! that would be so beast