PAX East 2016: Up and Coming Indies


It’s officially been just over a few weeks since PAX East and now that I don’t have my hands filled with final exam prep, I’m happy to give you the games that caught my eye at this year’s PAX East. The Indie Megabooth was full to the brim with great games and the ones here are just a few of the great games that were shown. 

I Expect You to Die


I Expect You to Die was the one of the first games that I got to play at PAX East and it was the first VR game I’d ever played. Featuring the Oculus Rift, I Expect You to Die is a spy game with a twist–you’ve got telekinetic powers to help you out! The name of the game speaks for itself and I died multiple times in the thirty minutes allotted for my appointment. It’s a game with interesting puzzles and a good sense of humor, where everything is meant to be solved your way. In fact, I beat the level they showed me in different way than intended since they programmed it to have multiple solutions to every situation. You are a spy after all, so you’d best think outside the box! The game is scheduled to come out in the second half of 2016 with 4 levels to play. I’m a bit sad I won’t own an Oculus Rift for this title alone, but thankfully Schell Games has more than one game on it’s plate.

Orion Trail


Have you ever wonder what Oregon Trail in space would be like? Wonder no longer! While Schell Games is adapting Orion Trail to work with the Samsung VR, it already works through Steam. I’ll go much more into detail on how it fares in a separate article, once I’ve played through a review copy. Just be excited, because it was described to me at Oregon Trail meets Star Trek.

Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan


Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a sucker for culture and myth-based games, so this game straight out of Central Africa was right up my alley, and I can’t wait until I can buy it. Right now on Steam you can purchase the game, and I highly recommend you do based on the short demo I played and had fangirled over about at PAX East. This is Kiro’o Games first game and it’s already doing well. Inspired by African lore, it’s a story-rich game centered around your inner quest. It’s not just story-rich, though, it’s also got gorgeous art. While a lot of indies are going the way of nostalgic pixel graphics, Aurion is not and it’s beautiful.

I Want To Be Human


If you’re looking for blood, guts, and a fun but difficult game, look no further than I Want To Be Human. Featuring a vampire girl out to save her boyfriend who has been unfortunately turned into a hat, you’ll shoot and jump your way through this great platformer. This is another game I’ll be going into more detail when I officially review it, though you can play it now and enjoy the rocking soundtrack and adorable blood and guts on Steam before that if you want to get addicted now.



If you’re looking for something a little less bloody, then another Rising Star Games title may interest you. Lumo is an isometric adventure game that harks back to the 80’s and 90’s in a different way than the pixel-laden indies of today. In an attempt to bring back the dying genre of exploration games, Lumo is a love letter to those times while still looking fresh and being challenging. Full of secret places, rubber ducks, and even some hidden floppy discs, Lumo is great for when you want to play a game without raising your blood pressure. The soundtrack and visuals alone are almost enough to make it worth playing and I’m excited for it to be released to the public.

Move or Die


Yet another game I’ve added to my wishlist, Move or Die is the newest 4-player friendship ruining game… I mean party game! So, if you still have any friends left over from Monopoly and Mario Kart, you won’t after playing this one. The devs at Those Awesome Guys said why not throw every party game ever into one game and let you choose which ones you want to play? They did just that and Move or Die resulted! They’re updating it constantly with new avatars (some made by fans!) and new features and game modes, like Twitch integration that allowed them to have Viewers vs. Streamers. Viewers can pick which of the party games will be played, drop bombs on the field and just generally wreak havoc on the players! Fingers crossed I get to fully review this one soon as well because the short time I was able to play was not enough for such an addictive game. If you haven’t played it, you can get it on Steam now during a Daily Deal until May 1st, and remember to move or you’ll definitely die!

Check out these games and be on the look out for my reviews of I Want To Be Human and Orion Trail! Both of them are great games and I can’t wait to give all the juicy details on them.

  • Lbolt187

    Went to pax east had loads of fun. While I didn’t play any of these games I did see them there. Excellent article Rebecca!