PC Gamers Beware! Fallout 4 Lacks Full Disc!


“What blasphemy is this? Your betrayal serves as a reminder of the division that has occurred in the past. It’s not too late lost child of Atom!  You shall be rescued from your filthy and wretched body!”

Whoa, whoa. Confessor Cromwell! Smoke a peace pipe! The latest news floating around is getting everybody’s favorite religious cult leader Confessor Cromwell all bent out of shape.

Not to worry kids! The old fool just wants to get a little karmic justice for all you Wasteland lovers out there!


Confessor Cromwell: He’s off the sauce and he’s out to get Bethesda.

If you’re hoping to get the full Wasteland experience once again courtesy of the ol’ personal computer, get ready to join the Army of Atom!


Bethesda, the great ruler of our volatile Wasteland announced that Wasteland lovers will only get to roam so much of the wasteland. Translation for all you realies:  The Fallout 4 PC experience will be incomplete.

Fallout 4’s unfinished disc debacle has been confirmed by Bethesda’s PR overseer Pete Hines on the twittersphere.


That’s right folks! The Wasteland experience will be deh-vy-dehd…until you log onto the World Wide Interwebs and download the rest of the game from Steam! Modern gaming at its finest! You kids sure have got it good!


Want to see Dogmeat again? Download the rest of the game!

Bethesda’s no stranger to popping out unfinished game discs like the FEV virus. PR overseer Mr. Hines let it be known that they’ve been releasing incomplete discs for “10+ years” and that Bethesda’s method “seems to work ok.” According to Mr. Hines, “lots of people” snatched up games such as Elder Scrolls and Wolfenstein.

While “lots of people” have been buying what Bethesda’s selling, these Wasteland lovers are getting the hell out of dodge before the mega atomic fan fallout hits.



One angry Wasteland lover even insulted  the PR overlord!


Hey, angry Wasteland lovers! Will a real life Pip-Boy tide you over?


It’s a REAL Pip-Boy!

Sorry kids, Santa Bethesda’s cutting down on the gifts! Unless you get the Pip-Boy edition before November 10th, you’re straight outta luck! 

Until next time chillldrenn! This is Three Doggg! OWOOO!

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