Pikmin 3 Increases Wii U Sales in Japan and North America


As reported by the good folks over at GaminRealm, Pikmin 3 proved itself to be a system seller in Japan increasing hardware sales by a whopping 117%. As the Wii U has been floundering in sales for the past several months, it goes without saying that if there is a good game to play, people will buy the system. Over here in North America, Pikmin 3 and the Wii U have also seen an increase in sales. Digital downloads notwithstanding, Pikmin 3 sold 114,828 units in week one, also increasing the Wii U sales by 79%. I think that this is further evidence that you need software to sell hardware. It’s obviously common sense, but it seems as though some game makers, who shall remain nameless, have yet to understand this very simple concept.

How are you guys feeling about the increase in Wii U hardware sales? Do you think larger exclusive titles will bring more success or do you feel that Pikmin 3’s success overall isn’t that significant?Let us know your feelings below!

Source: VGChartz

  • It’s about time! Hopefully, we’ll see some synergy in this, with more hardware sales driving software development, which will drive hardware sales. For what it is, Pikmin 3 is selling pretty well, I think. Next year will be the real test for Wii U.