Hands On At The PlayStation Experience: 5 Games To Look Forward To


PlayStation Experience 2015 wrapped up last weekend and it was a great experience for me, not only as someone who writes about games but also as a fan. It was my first time attending and I really appreciated my time there because it gave me the chance to chat with developers as well as get hands on with their games. I had the opportunity to check out upcoming titles such as Uncharted 4, Dark Souls III, and Destiny as well as other games that are somewhat under the radar. The latter are actually what really stood out to me during PSX and so I decided to make a list of the ones that we should remember. Here are 5 games to look forward to:



Discord Games were gracious enough to set an appointment with me to discuss its game Chasm. As soon as I walked up to the Chasm booth, I noticed a quote from Destructoid that was on display, reading “The MetroidVania I’ve been waiting for.” I was instantly interested and wanted to learn more. I let them know that both Castlevania and Metroid were franchises I grew up on and highly respect. They went on to say that both were inspiration for Chasm and it shows in various ways. Once I started playing the demo, I instantly felt nostalgic about those franchises and jotted this game down in my mind to be on the lookout for. It’s a challenging side scrolling game that has RPG elements. As someone who grew up on the Super Nintendo playing games like this, Chasm is definitely on my radar. It embodies everything I love about gaming and I can’t wait to play more.

Assault Android Cactus


Assault Android Cactus was definitely one of the funnest games I played at Playstation Experience. I played with my husband and we really enjoyed our experience. Assault Android Cactus is a twin stick shooter that is PC based but it also coming to the PS4. This shoot em up has a high emphasis on teamwork as well as shooting your way to the top. Even though it’s a co-op game, there is a level of competition between you and your friends as you work to get the highest points and fight for resources such as power ups and health. That’s what makes it so fun. You fight your way through waves upon waves of enemies that lead up to bosses which can be pretty challenging. I can’t wait till this hits the PS4 so I can play more. It will be releasing in Q1 of 2016 so stay tuned. We will definitely have more information here on SheAttack.com when the game releases.

For Honor


My “Best of Show” at PSX goes to For Honor. This game is so much fun and I really loved how Ubisoft presented the demo for it. We were set up in a multiplayer match of 4v4 and battled against each other as a Ubisoft representative explained the game to us. Not only did they show us how to play, but they motivated us as we went into battle. They wanted to win as much as we did as if it was a little competition that had between themselves to see who was the better teacher. For Honor is a 3rd person melee fighting game where you play as knights that fight in battle. We played a domination type mode where we had to secure territory longer than the enemy team. I really enjoyed the hack n slash gameplay as my position and ability to block enemy attacks really played a part in my success. We couldn’t just run around like chickens with our heads cut off; we had to really work as a team and as usual, I fell in love with that. I’m really looking forward to this game and trust me, you should too!



As a big fan of Frequency on the Playstation 2, I made it my mission to play Amplitude at PSX and it was worth it. It really brought me back to the good ole days when I was playing Frequency for hours and hours. Amplitude is a reboot of the 2003 cult classic and it plays the same, as you blast away the patterns of gems on the tracks in rhythm to the music. Each track has an element to each song such as drums, bass, and vocals, as the player switches between them to recreate the music.  Although Amplitude won’t have any mainstream licensed music like we are used to from the games before, the music is actually really good and goes great with the game. I can’t wait to see the final product on January 5, 2016 when it releases on PS4!

RIGS Mechanized Combat League


To be honest, I didn’t actually play RIGS for myself. I had the fear that if I had tried it for myself, I may have got motion sickness and I couldn’t afford for that to happen. Weak tummy and bad eyes here but after watching others play; I am convinced that RIGS is one of the best games shown at PSX. There was always a long wait for this game because so many people wanted to see what all the hype was about. How do I explain RIGS? I think it’s better to just show you gameplay footage I took so you can get the gist of how unique this game is.

This game is very impressive graphically and the movement looks very much improved to help with motion sickness since the last time my husband and I saw it. In fact, the developers there let us know (which you can hear in the video) that they have been listening to users feedback and improving many things about the game so that people are less likely to get motion sickness. I’m one of those people who tend to look at Virtual Reality as a gimmick and as a platform that I’m really not interested in. I suppose the weak stomach has something to do with that, to be fair. However, RIGS has me turning my head and looking at VR a bit differently now. I also observed those who played it and they looked like they had a blast. If you do decide to invest in PlayStation VR, do yourself a favor and buy RIGS!

So there you have it! 5 games to look forward to! Are any of these games on your personal radar? Let us know!

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    For honor really caught my eye at e3, so I’m glad to still be hearing good things about it from people who’ve played it. Obviously I’m being cautiously optimistic considering ubisofts track record, especially with new IPs this generation, but so far so good.