Pokemon Go Loses Steam Amidst App-Related Deaths


Since July 6 2016, Pokemon Go has motivated 21 million people to catch ’em all, but are the latest scandals involving the app causing the public to leave their pokemon training dreams behind?

The popularity of the craze has spawned merchandise such as this bracelet.
The popularity of the craze has spawned merchandise such as this bracelet.

During the height of the Pokemon Go phenomenon, teens in Guatemala and North Carolina have been killed while attempting to enter private homes in search of pokemon. A month into the craze and the death toll rises. On August 7th, a 20-year-old in San Francisco  was callously shot dead while playing the game. On August 23rd, a motorist in Japan killed a 72-year-old woman while playing behind the wheel. The most recent death occurred on August 25th when a young Japanese woman also lost her life to a distracted motorist.

A recent article entitled “Apokelypse: Violence, Crime, and Death Related to Pokemon Go” states that 75 cases of violence and death linked to the application have been reported. In his article, “Warning: Pokemon Go is A Death Sentence If You Are A Black Man”, Omari Akil admitted he had to stop playing the game fearing that it would lead to his imminent death in this racially charged era. All of this real life video game violence is having an immediate effect on Pokemon Go players worldwide. A report implies that 15 million players have left their pokemon training days behind. The declining amount of users is a blow to Nintendo who are largely benefiting from their new pokemon cash cow.

Despite the bad press, the app has helped to catch a murder suspect and has motivated multiple sclerosis sufferers to get back on their feet.

Will the hysteria fizzle out in time? Well, let’s just put it this way – even the stars must die one day. In the meantime, trainers, stay safe. Be aware of your surroundings, do not trespass onto private property or businesses without permission, and please do not play while driving. It’s not worth it.

Have you hung up your Pokemon Go gear and moved on to other things? Still going strong? Let us know!