Ranking Bloodborne’s Bosses: Easiest to Hardest


    Everyone that knows me knows Bloodborne is my Game of the Year. They probably wish I would shut up about it already and give other games credit and I do; there have been a lot of great games this year but in my mind, nothing comes close to Bloodborne. It was everything I wanted in a video game: dark atmosphere, great combat, challenging gameplay and most of all, creative near-impossible bosses. The bosses of Bloodborne definitely were the highlights in this game, as frustrating as some of  them were; nothing beats the feeling of finally defeating them. Many times I would stand up with my arms raised in victory after slaying one of these beasts.

    I decided to pay tribute to Bloodborne and its bosses by ranking them, easiest to hardest. The awesome thing about ranking these bosses is that my rankings most likely differ from yours if you have played this game. For example, a few people I talked to felt Blood-Starved Beast was very difficult but it felt like easy work to me. Vice versa, there are bosses I felt were really challenging that you may think were a piece of cake. Isn’t Bloodborne amazing? In this list, I am strictly ranking the main game bosses with optional included so that means no DLC or Chalice Dungeon bosses. We’ll save those for another time. Alright, let’s get to it!

    Of course this goes without saying, but spoilers are ahead. Read at your own risk.

    17. Witch of Hemwick


    This boss came out of nowhere, just as I was roaming around the Hemwick Charnel Lane. I even asked myself, “is this really a boss?” because it just felt like a regular enemy. In fact, there are at least a couple dozen enemies that are harder than this boss. The challenge, if you want to call it that, is keeping an eye on the two witches as other enemies are summoned to distract you. The trick is to disregard them and just slay the heck out of the witches once they pop up. Once you kill one of them, the other’s HP bar will show up and as long as you kill that one in reasonable time, the other one won’t return. I didn’t even see them revive each other because I took them out in a timely matter and that was it! Prey slaughtered. This was definitely the easiest boss for me, no question.

    16. Celestial Emissary


    Ever wanted to fight a bunch of jelly like aliens? I suppose I did so here was my chance. Much like the Witch of Hemwick, I had to just focus on the one big alien looking thing and fight off and ignore the other little ones. That’s all I really did and the rest was history. I suppose this boss was such light work because immediately after, the game slapped me in the face with a much more challenging headache but we’ll get into that later. This boss though, is pretty entertaining. Just imagine a bunch of alien like experiments that went wrong who follow you around asking for a hug. Avoid the hugs, kill the little ones and then the big one! “Deuces!”

    15. Darkbeast Paarl


    This Darkbeast Paarl tried real hard to act tough and thought its size would get the best of me but this boss is more of a big soft teddy bear that’s all growl and no bite. My husband likes to call this boss the “Pikachu” because it uses lightning bolts as a defense but because its limbs are so long and easy to hit, it’s very easy to bring this beast down. Once I gave it a couple hits to its legs with my long axe, it would fall to the ground making it easier for me to give it even more damage. If I remember correctly, I was stupidly using bolt paper against it too and still beat it in a couple tries anyways.

    14. Moon Presence


    So if you found 3 of the umbilical cords and ate them before beating Gehrman, you were then able to fight this boss immediately after to get the “true” ending. Since it follows one of the toughest bosses, I couldn’t help but feel the Moon Presence went easy on me. Because I had used so many of my blood viles and only a cut scene separates the two bosses, I was fighting Moon Presence with hardly any health and so I died pretty quickly. I of course came back with full health and blood viles and beat it the next time. The most challenging thing about the Moon Presence is that it will suck 99% of your health away and not let you use your blood viles for a short period of time. The trick was to just go in and deal some damage, which actually regenerates your health. I didn’t know that until halfway through the fight and spent most of the time before that just avoiding coming in contact with it until I was able to regain my health again. Regardless of which route you take, the Moon Presence is light work against a heavy weapon. Do work then get your true ending on with your bad self.

    13. The One Reborn


    To be fair, I was made aware of the bell-ringing women at the top level and was advised to take them out first so I did. The fight becomes much easier with them out of the picture because I didn’t have to worry about the spells they cast. Once they were gone, I turned my attention to the One Reborn and man is this thing ugly! It was like a big blob of gore and body parts that spewed out more body parts and acid. The acid is probably the most challenging thing about this boss because it spreads very quickly and deals a lot of damage so if you get caught in it, it can be life ending. That’s exactly what happened to me the first time. So the next time, I did my best to avoid it and had my way with this boss. Overall, the One Reborn was definitely an easier foe compared to the upcoming rest on my list.

    12. Blood-Starved Beast


    So here it is: The Blood-Starved Beast. Don’t get me wrong, this boss can be tough because it’s so quick and not only that but one swipe can cause your character to get poisoned. Antidotes come in handy and are actually pick ups around the area leading up to this boss, hinting that you will need them. It took me two tries to beat Blood-Starved Beast and it was probably because I was intimidated by it after hearing all the horror stories about how hard it was for other people. If I had heard nothing about this boss, I may have beaten it during my first try. Once I was more aggressive and using my surroundings to my benefit, it was only a matter of having decent dodging and I beat this boss pretty easily. My long axe was and still is life. Literally.

    11. Rom, The Vacuous Spider


    If it wasn’t for the ice meteors that shoot down from the sky, Rom would be one of the, if not the easiest boss in Bloodborne. I’m sure many of us would consider the ice meteors “cheap.” There were a few times I was rocking this boss only to die from a one hit kill by these dang meteors. Once I was able to roll at the right time and avoid the meteors as well as all the minions of little spiders, it got easier. The trick for me was to find the balance between killing the little spiders and avoiding some of them to save time and address the bigger problem, and once I did that then I had my way with Rom. Fire paper definitely came in handy as well and made it a lot easier. However, I can’t disregard the meteors ruining my fun and the 7 times I did die so that is why Rom is at #11.

    10. Amygdala


    I wish I could say this boss is earlier in my list. Amygdala really isn’t that hard. Much like Darkbeast Paarl, Amygdala has long limbs that are easy to hit. However, I played against this boss the hard way by hitting these limbs once, then backing off, and giving this boss way too much time to hit me with its spells and that is what killed me most of the time. If I would have just stuck to what worked and was more aggressive, it would have been a shorter fight but no, I had to play like an idiot. Because this is my list and based on my experiences with these bosses, I have to take my death count into consideration regardless of how easy a boss may seem on paper. So I can’t forget the times I died to this boss even if it was just sloppy play on my behalf. This boss, I’d imagine was way easier for most of you. You probably played smart. Amygdala made me a fool that day but in the end, didn’t survive and I had my victory.

    9. Cleric Beast


    I have fought Cleric Beast on all 3 of my play throughs and it was insanely easy on my NG+ and NG++ when I beat it on the first tries. However, I have to look at my entire experience with Bloodborne and remember the fight Cleric Beast gave me when I first met him. It took me about 8-10 times to beat him and I’ll never forget how joyful I was when I finally did it.  When my character was just a young pup and wasn’t leveled up much at all, Cleric Beast dealt a lot of damage with its arms and it was a true test on my dodging skills that I hadn’t yet mastered. It was a tough fight and perfect introduction to Bloodborne. I’ll always remember my first.

    8. Micolash, Host of the Nightmare


    Let me just say this right off the bat: Micolash, you’re a punk and a troll. This dude makes you chase him until he finally settles in a room so you can fight. During the first phase, he summons skeleton enemies to bother you as he tries to take you out with his tentacle arm. Once he hits his 2nd phase, he will go on the run again and you’ll have to find him after he jumps into a mirror where you cannot follow. Very annoying. Once I found him again, he used a spell on me and killed me in one hit. I was pissed to say the least. I think what makes Micolash so high on my list is that he is not necessarily hard, he is just cheap and frustrating. I ended up figuring out that my blunderbuss would stop him from using his spells and that was necessary for me to beat him. Once I made that transition in my gameplay, he was cake. The whole process is what made this boss frustrating though, having to chase and find him. It was a long boss fight that truly tested my patience.

    7. Mergo’s Wet Nurse


    As with any Bloodborne boss, the key is to be patient and avoid being greedy. Mergo’s Wet Nurse truly tested my ability to do those things because of her scissor like attacks and disappearing act she does. One second she is there, and I want to go in and slash as much as I can, only for her to disappear. Then once she turned her back, I wanted to go in again and give her the beat down only for her to slash backwards and spoil my fun. There was a lot of picking and choosing I had to do when choosing to attack effectively and that tested my patience. In her 2nd phase, the area became purple letting me know it was about to get real. A second nurse would appear to confuse me and attack me at the same time. So two of these things made it their mission to destroy me and it was very difficult. However, because I was livestreaming this fight, someone in my chat had let me know to just run around the perimeter until the purple phase was over and sure enough, that worked. I was able to have some patience, and ultimately found victory.

    6. Father Gascoigne


    I know, I know.  You’ve been waiting to see where this guy’s name was going to end up on this list right? This hunter is technically the first mandatory boss fight in Bloodborne and probably the biggest reason a lot of people quit playing. Because he is a hunter, it was the first true test of fighting someone who is almost a mirror image of your character. He dodges fast like you, can visceral attack like you, but unlike you, he has a second beast-like phase that can wipe you out in three swipes. At least, that’s how it felt. The tactic that worked for me when fighting Father G was using the surroundings to my advantage. I’d take any opportunity to deal some damage when he was behind a tombstone or tree. Visceral attacks of course played a part and once my dodging was on point during his second phase, he was history. Father G was one of my favorite fights in Bloodborne and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say he won’t ever be forgotten.

    5. Martyr Logarious


    During my first playthrough, Martyr Logarious was tough as nails but eventually it was a very doable fight. When I fought him in NG+ however, he was so hard for me that I gave into using co-op for the first time. My husband and I put this guy to shame pretty easily but going in solo was beyond a headache for me. Not only did this guy embarrass me with his dodging, so bad that I fell off the roof once, but he also defeated me with his many of spells including dozens of knives that flew at me. Once I figured out that I could stop all that knife spell with throwing a knife of my own, he got a bit easier. Trial and error definitely taught me how to play this boss. Eventually, he was no match for me in my first play through but because he was one of the very few bosses that I felt got a lot harder during NG+, he deserves this special spot on this list at #5.

    4. Vicar Amelia


    I’d imagine some of you are surprised Vicar Amelia is so high on my list but man, she absolutely had me thinking “What am I doing with my life?” The first time I met Vicar Amelia, I lost count on how many times she had killed me. I eventually took a month long break away from Bloodborne after I had my butt kicked by her for a whole night. Granted, I was planning my wedding and very busy during that month but still – I’m not gonna let this one go. This dog-deer-like creature that heals herself straight up owned me. The funny thing is that once I came back to the game, I beat her on the very first try. Two words: Fire paper. Regardless of how hard she was for me at the time during my first playthrough, she was and still is my favorite boss fight of the entire game. This boss fight alone put Bloodborne above the rest as my Game of The Year. It’s that phenomenal.

    3. Shadow of Yharman


    I don’t know about you guys but this boss fight was very hard on NG+. Maybe my patience was thin that day but damn, they gave me trouble. The real key was focusing on one at a time, killing them off one by one but on NG+ it just felt so overwhelming because of the spells they were casting and how fast they were. These three are relentless and my movement had to be on point to be successful. They also have a second phase that turns them into snake heads that use huge snakes as attacks. It’s chaotic and frustrating trying to take these guys down but once I did, it was the best feeling. These guys can stay gone as far as I’m concerned.

    2. Gehrman, The First Hunter


    This was probably the most “beautiful” fight of all the main bosses as Gehrman and my character danced together, mimicking each other, and showcasing excellent movement. I loved this as an end boss fight so much. It was fitting because here was this guy who had mentored my character and offered a way out of this nightmare and when I refused, he challenged me to a fight to the death. It was beautiful to watch and play because of the music, the surroundings, and the combat. It was like watching a dance between the two and eventually I came out on top as the winner. I died about 15 times during my first playthrough and went through hundreds of blood viles. Gerhman is the ultimate teacher and once you can get by him, you are a certified hunter in my opinion. Having to beat him a second time for a trophy was grueling and painful because he gets much harder in NG+ but it was so worth it. Gehrman, you have definitely earned the #2 spot on my list.

    1. Ebrietas, Daughter of The Cosmos


    And then there was one. Ebrietas, if I could talk to you in whatever language you speak or spit or whatever you do, I’d say this: You are one of the hardest bosses I have ever fought in a video game. You had me questioning all of my skills and abilities. Patience? What is this “patience?” I almost questioned my life a bit too. “If I can’t beat this, what kind of gamer am I?” This boss was beyond difficult.  I must have died at least 30 times. I lost count to be honest and it got to the point where I felt like a zombie; going into the fight, dying, and then doing it all over again. Over and over, I struggled and when I managed to find something that worked, she would just say “nah,” and counter me with something new. Whether it was her rush attack that killed me in one hit or her spells that got me when I was out of endurance, she did everything right and I did everything wrong. It didn’t help either that I chose to face her in NG+ and not before. I really regretted that and I think that was in my head the entire time, making it harder on myself. Bloodborne is a mind game and Ebrietas definitely owned my mind. There was no hesitation on my part to put her as #1 on my list. She deserves every bit of it and more. Ebrietas, we won’t meet again. You can kick rocks for good.

    Well, there you have it Bloodborne fans; my rankings of all of the main bosses from easiest to hardest. Let us know your own personal list! This was my favorite piece to write so far on this site and I hope you enjoyed reading this list as much as I enjoyed making it. Hunt on.

    “We are born of the blood. Made men by the blood. Undone by the blood.”

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    • Adrian

      It’s interesting reading these lists…seeing who had troubles with which bosses. It’d be interesting for you to incorporate the DLC bosses into your list.

      Since your comment section is looking rather lonely, here is a list of how the bosses went with me, so you can compare them to your experiences. I’m listing them in reverse order of how you did just because I’m scrolling up on this page.

      -I killed Ebrietas the second time I fought her (she one shot me the first time), and the first time I fought her in the chalice dungeons.

      -Gehrman I killed the first time I fought him.

      -I’ve fought the shadows of Yarnham 3 times, and never lost to them.

      -I destroyed Amelia with my first two builds. Didn’t realize she was hard. But then my bloodtinge build got absolutely mangled by her. It was the first boss that made me realize that your build can change the difficulty of the game dramatically.

      -Logarius is probably the biggest bastard as far as non-DLC bosses go. This guy freaking destroyed me at least 10 times. Which of course completely took out my bullet and health reserves, making fighting him a chore. He is RELENTLESS in his first phase. His second phase is much easier in my opinion.

      -Gascgione has killed me either once or twice. But I haven’t died to him since my first Character.

      -I was OP by the time I got to mergo (had already beat queen Yarhnam), so I was kind of just effing around…the the screen went black and there were like 4 of her all over the place. I didn’t die, but she made me use half my vials and had me scared.

      -Micolash was a funny boss. I went in the boss room to check out who the boss was (ready to teleport out with the hunter symbol if it was scary). I had a ton of souls/echoes on me because I cleared the entire level (blind) without ever going back the dream. This fight took me like half an hour though because I couldn’t find the bastard. My weapon actually broke at some point so I had to switch. I had three mains so it was fine.

      -Cleric Beast killed me twice…the first two times I fought him. He was definitely scary when I was new. Actually he may have killed my bloodtinge character once as well.

      -Amygdala has only killed me in the defiled dungeon (twice). I think so anyways, but I don’t remember any other times getting owned by her.

      -Rom was fairly easy as a blind fight in the main game…but the chalice dungeon version of her had me stumped for an hour (however many times I could die in an hour, I did).

      -Blood Starved Beast…isn’t memorable. I know the chalice dungeon version was a bit of a biznatch (teaches you how to parry it), but the main game one was either a 2nd or 3rd attempt type of thing. This guy shows up as a regular enemy in the certain part of the DLC (just in one place).

      -The one reborn. Easiest Boss fight in the game for me. Similar to tower knight in Demon Souls.

      -Moon presence. I beat it second try. I thought it one hit me on my first try, so I played super cautious on my 2nd. It took me a while to realize that it was draining all my health without actually hitting me. For a while I was just running around confused.

      -Darkbeast Paarl. THIS FIGHT…still remains one of the hardest main game fights IMO. Partly because I have no idea how to knock it down and discharge its electricity. It has happened during fights but I don’t know what triggers it. Try fighting it without exploiting whatever you are using to knock it down to know what I am dealing with.

      -Celestial emissary. Nothing memorable here. I’ve fought it once and beat it once.

      -Hemwick witches. Interesting fight. Pretty sure I have never lost (fought 4 times on different playthroughts/chars)
      As a final note, my favorite build is definitely an arcane build. It starts feeling like a souls game when you get good at blood bullets/using the right tools for the right job. Plus, with how damage conversion works, you can still use most weapons at full power.

    • Adrian

      Additionally, the DLC has two very hard bosses. Ludwig and Orphan. IMO no other boss in the game compares to Orphan in difficulty.

    • phinn

      There are some harder bosses in the random dungeons though. That dog boss was insane for me.

    • eChampy

      Orphan is kinda easy, easier than Maria to me. And Laurence is the hardest boss in the whole game.

    • Jun W Pak

      You forgot Laurence. Every one of his attack is a powerful AOE. Also, the Chalice Dungeon bosses. Mainly Defiled Watchdog and Defiled Amygdala.