Reaching for the Skyforge: Journey of Immortality


Just opening up on Open Beta is Skyforge, a new MMO with a fantasy-sci-fi feel where you, an immortal along with the rest of the immortals, are defenders of mortals and the world.

As you can see in the trailer above, the game is sci-fi but with a sort of fantasy theme to it. Since the launch of the open beta, the team has had numerous patches to accommodate the number of players signing up throughout the week. That being said, the queue for getting into the game might be long but the areas alone are so beautiful I would say that it’s more than enough to wait for. Since the team is constantly working on the game, the queues are bound to be fixed for good and the minor graphical issues that I’ve already encountered should be patched up as well by release.


The character that you control is an immortal, someone that cannot die and has access to special skills that mortals do not have. The immortals are like demi-gods and help anyone in the world that is in need of help. The beginning of the game has you a part of a massacre from which you survive and are placed in the Divine Observatory – which is like the headquarters for all immortals who are on their way to becoming gods. Your ultimate goal in the game is to become a full-fledged god and gain the love of the people. Basically, become as badass as you possibly can. It’s the same goal that many MMOs out there have but the way the narrative is written is really nice and refreshing. If anything, it reminds me of Guild Wars 2 with a fairly heavy focus on story with cinematic conversations between you and NPCs.

Skyforge is an action RPG with a large focus on easily changing classes and easy button combos for a quick and rewarding gameplay experience. You start by choosing one of the three classes, Cryomancer (DPS mage), Paladin (tank), and Lightbinder (priest). You can switch between any of these classes at any time with the press of a button in the menu. There are many other classes in the game but they are not readily available at the beginning of the game.

The combat itself is very simple, clicking is attack, while right click is a stronger or different attack. you can chain these two buttons into numerous combos which you learn periodically in the beginning and the rest through the skill system. The remainder of the buttons on the bar, 1-4 and Z-X-C, account for your other skills. There are also passive skills that power up certain moves or give certain buffs. Only a set amount can be equipped at one time and are semi-permanent (you have to spend some points to reset the spaces).


Within each class there is a kind of skill system that looks a lot like the sphere grid in Final Fantasy X. The Ascension Atlas is a node system that relies on the accumulation of different colored resources found throughout the world and rewarded for completing quests and milestones in the game. The Ascension Atlas is also where you unlock new classes. The three starting classes begin in the same area with other classes on the board fairly spread out and away from them. Since the nodes on this map are quite ‘expensive’, 100+ resources per node, it looks to be quite a grind to get anywhere close to another playable class. I’m not entirely sure how rewarding everything will be in the game, getting to a new class will require a lot of time and planning since the classes are not close to each other map-wise.

The game itself is georgeous right now even in Open Beta and has a nice style to it. The weapons and headquarters are very futuristic and somewhat sci-fi but when you get down into the world it becomes green and alive. Skyforge is an instance-based game, much like Warframe or Vindictus, with quests taking you to different areas that for the most part require you to be in a party. From what I’ve experienced the norm is 3 people in an instance, but I assume this number increases on certain quests throughout the game. Since there are so many people playing the game right now it’s not hard to get a queue for an instance but might become a problem in the future if no one sticks with the game. I see that as unlikely since it has such eye-candy and a solid system going for it.

While the game is completely free to play you can still purchase the Starter Pack ($14.99) or the collector’s edition ($59.99) of Skyforge that gives you numerous goodies. The Starter Pack includes premium currency (called Argents), access to a premium account of 30 days, a title and numerous smaller items like bag space that would really come in handy. The collector’s edition contains way more stuff and as it should for 60 dollars. It comes with a Night Squad costume that has three different colour variations and a special mount that looks like a cute mutated chocobo. Not only that but it comes with early access to the Alchemist and Knight classes that are not available at the beginning of the game.

skyforge02There is a wealth of more information about the world and systems at the official homepage of Skyforge. I recommend checking it out if I’ve intrigued some interest today!

Check the Skyforge Twitter account for updates.

Skyforge is being handled by and Obsidian Entertainment with the Allods Team, creators of Allod Online, a Russian MMO.

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  • Gearchin

    pretty good game. mix between Neverwinter/guildwars/dungeon crawler 3rd personview. ascension tree gives a sense of character development outside of just gear upgrading/prestige(gearscore) is your “level”. it a pick up and play game, and with open betas now a days, its pretty much a released game,. but downsides for some no healer, has semi action oriented combat/spaming combos a la god of war/hack and slash, im still early prestige 9.3k, feels good so far, gameplay wise.

    ps: sorry for the wall of text lol

  • Gearchin

    good game so far with what ive played :D, like the pally tank role so far, lightbinder is pretty good too 😀