Release Date in Sight for Kingdom Hearts 3


Sometime Soon?

Before Kingdom Hearts 2 was released, Square Enix announced that they would be starting work on the sequel very shortly; that was several years ago. For those countless years, fans have waited patiently to see when Square Enix would release any information about the new game.

Kingdom Hearts fans were searching left and right for all types of information on the net about anything remotely KH3 related, from development to release dates, but alas, nothing turned up.

Finally, after what seemed like forever to gamers, Square Enix announced Kingdom Hearts 3 was in the works and that it may have a release date soon.

A Whole new Experience

Not much was revealed about Kingdom Hearts 3; no surprise there as Square Enix tries not to divulge too much information about its projects, but recently there has been some info released about KH3 that may have KH fans rejoicing or disappointed.

One thing confirmed is that all of the previous worlds that were visited in previous games are no more! That’s right, every world is like the first game: BRAND NEW. New worlds to explore and new characters to interact with, however, does not mean that there will be no reoccurring characters.

We at least got to see a glimpse of the new gameplay in the new trailer released during E3 conference. That trailer confirmed that Donald and Goofy will be by Sora’s side once again.

Hopefully Worth Waiting For

Now that we’re all excited about Kingdom Hearts 3 finally coming out, everyone is asking, “When?!” Well, get ready as we find out November 3 at D23 EXPO 2015 in Japan. Fans will finally be able to know when KH3 will ship and can continue to preorder it for the new Generation systems. So fellow KH fans, sharpen those Keyblade skills get ready to defeat even more Heartless in the Keyblade Wars! ‘Be seeing you Nov. 3!