Riders of Icarus: New Addiction Confirmed (Impressions)

Riders of Icarus is also great for newcomers to the genre.


Exceeding my expectations astronomically, Riders of Icarus, as the title implies, has me totally engulfed. On release day I downloaded the free to play MMORPG on Steam and it’s literally the only game I want to play right now. Normally games of this genre don’t capture me and I expected to delete it the day after. With most free to play games seems like, this is my routine. Admittedly a keyboard and mouse scrub, I’ve succumbed to learning the controls to dive into Riders of Icarus further. Luckily for me, although I’m not that familiar with keyboard and mouse controls, Riders of Icarus is easy to grasp for beginners and it feels intuitive to play. That includes the mount combat, which is fantastic once you master it.

Most noteworthy, Riders of Icarus has many of the obsessive elements as games like Monster Hunter, Pokemon, and any game with an open-world component. Riders of Icarus puts a heavy emphasis on taming and mounting wild animals, including dragons, crafting, mining, and item collection. Linking and combo-ing your skills to defeat bosses and other enemies effectively also feels challenging and rewarding. At the moment, the only playable race in the game are humans. Berserker, assassin, guardian, wizards and priest are the five classes you choose from when customizing your character. If you’re the type on player that likes more choice, you do encounter other races during missions that may possibly become selectable in the future.

Riders of Icarus

Riders of Icarus Isn’t Without Flaws, However

Remembering that Riders of Icarus is still in beta, the cooperative aspects of the game appear limited to dungeons. Some side quests can be shared with others in your party, but they do seem small in number. Most story missions can only be played solo. Going forward, or so I hope, current content may be expounded upon adding more opportunities for cooperative play. With upcoming updates, I can see this game evolving into a deeper experience for more hardcore MMO players. For more information on Riders of Icarus, check out their official website and their Twitter page, @PlayIcarus.

Have you had a chance at playing Riders of Icarus? Do you love it or hate it? Sound off in the comments below!

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