[Rumor] Splatoon Will Have Full Voice Chat


According to YouTuber ProJared, new IP, Splatoon will feature full voice chat. As chaotic as this game appears to be, that is absolutely fantastic to hear. He stated that according to what he played during the E3 demo, it doesn’t seem complete enough to play $60 for. I remember during yesterday’s Nintendo Treehouse Live, the developers behind Splatoon did say that there will be more modes and polish when the games releases in the first half of 2015.

Personally, I’m looking forward to Splatoon, it’s one of my most anticipated games from all of E3, and I never get enough of seeing people play it competitively live on the Treehouse.

Tell us your thoughts below!

  • Eri

    why can this not be on other platforms, would buy in an instant. Just can’t justify the cost of a console based on one game, and a console that really doesn’t have much support form other developers.

  • David Trujillo

    I will probably get it. Although i would prefer the character design go through a slight change. Maybe something between where its at right now and sunset overdrive. Regardless, should be fun.