Score Rush Extended: Old School Fun Out Now On PS4


#1 Japan shmup Score Rush Extended is the latest entry from Xona Games’ Score Rush series of fast-paced shooters and is now available on the Playstation Store in NA! Here is the launch trailer:

Score Rush Extended challenges players to an onslaught of enemies combining fast shooting combat with stunning colorful visuals and an awesome soundtrack. The action doesn’t stop until you do, with relentless waves of enemies and power-ups at your disposal that can ease the tension. Test your personal best and move up the leader boards and if you don’t want to go it alone, team up with friends in an up to 4-player cooperative mode.

So far after playing about an hour, I am digging this game. I love the visuals and challenge of trying to beat my best score. I’m proud of my 3rd place on the Boss Rush leader board but it may not last long with more players joining the fun, so I’m enjoying this moment! Read em and weep! Can you beat my score?


Score Rush Extended is available now on the PlayStation Store for a limited-time reduced price of $9.49 USD for PlayStation Network members (20% off the $11.99 regular price) and $8.39 for PlayStation Plus members (30% off the regular price).  If you like old school shoot em ups such as Space Invaders, Gradius, and the R-Type series, this game is for you!

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