Sequel Soliloquy: Psychonauts


Whether it’s the next Call of Duty game or the new Pokemon, sequels are always coming out, even when they really shouldn’t be. Yet, some great games never get a sequel even though many people call for one. One such game goes by the name of Psychonauts.

Now, if you’ve never played Psychonauts, please move your mouse to the Steam Store at full-speed and buy it. I can never not recommend this game. It’s a platforming game with a twist: you’re a psychic. While that may not sound too cool at first, this means you can levitate, psi-blast, and even set things on fire using your mind.

You take on the character of Raz, a boy who ran away from the circus because he feels his acrobatic father hates him for being a psychic. What did he run towards? Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp of course! It’s a camp for kids to practice their powers and train to become psychic soldiers, otherwise known as psychonauts. Raz’s plan: become a psychonaut before his dad comes to pick him up in three days.

Raz’s adventure goes through the minds of various characters, all with funky designs and touching backstories. Double Fine is known for their interesting art choices and Psychonauts is no exception. Whether it’s meat plants or the milkman, it always looks interesting. If you’re a fan of platformers, interesting art, conspiracy theories, funky character designs, great stories, or just fun in general, play it.

Beware, the platforming aspects of the game are not for the faint of heart. In the first level alone, there are rails you have to speed down, tightropes to walk, gaps to swing across, and even a spinning bridge you have to walk (or rather run) on.

Good luck getting past that on your first try. The logs start spinning once you get on it. It took my more than a few tries to get it myself. Sound daunting? It might be, but it’s also a whole lot of fun. It might also be a good game for anyone who wants to try out a joystick. I feel the controls would benefit from something better than a mouse.

I’ve heard people say that the game controls don’t handle well, but it really just takes some getting used to. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t mind some more intuitive controls if a sequel were to become a reality, especially since I know I may never beat the Meat Circus. Still, it really is worth the multitude of times that I had fail. I wouldn’t say it’s worth the hours it might take to locate all the arrow heads needed in order to purchase some necessary equipment, but that’s what cheats are for. I’m hoping any sequels won’t be so stingy about the currency.


Of course, the question is: does this game deserve a sequel? Many fans, including this one, think so. Even Tim Schafer thinks so! He once commented that Psychonauts was never supposed to be a single game. That means the game is already set to have a continuation.

A few years ago, Schafer garnered the support of Minecraft‘s Markus “Notch” Persson, but almost a year after the initial support, Notch withdrew. It was likely because of the 18 million dollar price tag that would come with the sequel. However, if I had 18 million dollars, I’d give it to Schafer without question because I’ve been waiting for Psychonauts 2 for forever. I have high hopes that Double Fine will decide to do a Kickstarter for the sequel like they did for Broken Age.

If they do make a sequel, I hope the characters will be just as colorful and that the story will be just as wonderful. The first game will be hard to match and harder to outdo, but here’s hoping Double Fine gives it a shot. I look forward to the shenanigans Raz could get up to, especially since the game ends in such a perfect spot for a continuation.

What should be in the sequel? Well, without spoiling anything, I’d definitely like to see a sequel with Raz in his new life. I want more of Nein and Vodello for sure. Lili is sure to be there as well, but I’m also hoping for a cameo from Linda and Mr. Pokeylope. Though, as long as Schafer and Double Fine can make strange characters that make it impossible not to love them, I’ll be okay. I’m ready for the milk.

What would you want in a Psychonauts sequel? Do you think Psychonauts should stay single? Leave a comment and tell me!