SheAttack E3 2015 Game Awards!


This year, Erica represented SheAttack at E3! It was our first attendance to the big show and we look forward to attending more in the future.  Now that E3 2015 is all said and done, Erica is now starting the tradition of our very own E3 Awards here at SheAttack! She names off games that win the categories of Best Presentation, Best Reveal, Best Surprise, Best Indie, and Most Fun!

From high potential indies to triple A titles, E3 was nothing short of remarkable this year. There were many game reveals that had many gamers thinking this was the best E3 in years so it wasn’t easy picking these winners by no means! Which games stood out above the rest and impressed at this year’s E3? Watch and see who wins!

Once again, SheAttack would like to thank you our viewers and readers for all of your support. Without you, E3 and other fantastic opportunities wouldn’t be possible. Thank you again and stay tuned to SheAttack for the most original content, period!

Do you agree with Erica’s winners? What are some other categories you would like to see for next year’s SheAttack E3 Awards? Let us know!

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