SheAttack Special: Happy Birthday Boss!


eiMdGLainToday is a lovely day at SheAttack as the “BOSS,” as we like to call her is celebrating her birthday! The girls here at SheAttack wanted to do something special to commemorate Nia so we came together to write this article of appreciation! Surprise!

We all appreciate and respect Nia because quite simply, if it wasn’t for her, SheAttack would not exist and you wouldn’t be reading this right now! Nia is very dedicated to this site but no matter how hard she works; she always attributes the success of SheAttack as a team effort. She is humble and always tells us how much of a “proud mama bear” she is and so here are messages from each of us as a way of saying thanks for giving us this opportunity to be a part of SheAttack!


“I first remember meeting Nia in a streaming chatroom filled with some of my good friends from myign. After the stream I started following her on the site and when she said she was looking for people to start a website I jumped at the chance to make a difference. Everyone else at the time was leaving myign or working on bigger things and I thought that SheAttack was my ticket to greatness and Nia was the one that could make it happen. Since August of last year my relationship with Nia has grown exponentially, even though she still sees me as a crazy addition to the team. I hope that our friendship continues to build and one day we get to meet in person. Happy Birthday to the best boss! Happy Birthday Nia!” –Charnelle Schindel

906137_261626334009335_2355462429182664426_o“Happy birthday to our Commander-in-Chief, thevideogamher! Her enthusiasm and charisma is what help built this rising empire. Without her, SheAttack, would have never existed nor had been known by many gamers. Nearly 2 years ago, I met this lady in a Skype call and her down-to-Earth attitude she has! She is one of the kind-hearted, understanding, and trustworthy person that I met. She has accomplished so much, in so little time. I respect her for doing everything she can to have the female gaming community come together as one. I am proud to be her assistant for the site and, among the others, be by her side as SheAttack is growing and become known to the world. She is the BAWSE!!!” – Susan Ly

“I’m not exactly sure which Facebook group I met Ms. Nia Pierce but she was very popular in the group and we became friends quickly. More so because our first names are similar. She started telling me about this brand she was putting together and needed my help and expertise. How can I say no to a fellow crazy gamer like myself? So I said “Hells yeah I’ll join whatever you’re doing!” And the rest is…well currently making history. I’ve worked with editor-in-chiefs before but Nia is by far the best I’ve ever had (aside from my own chief and founder status on my own websites). She keeps things interesting, motivated and most of all REAL. She keeps it gaming and I love it. And I dont want to ever stop working or helping her succeed with her dreams as she continues to also give me guidance and resources towards mine. The struggle is real, but I’m glad to have friends who know the stuggle and can get through it together.” – Quaisha “Spawnhellraiser” Thornton

“I have immense respect for Nia. She is kind and strong, a great leader, and a good friend. I’m so thankful that we at SheAttack have a leader like her. She’s kind, but she’s also great at telling us how it is. ^_~ I really am so lucky to know her and all the ladies at SheAttack. I struggle a lot, but Nia doesn’t make me feel guilty; she’s encouraging, and I still am so grateful to be a part of everything even when I can’t be around. Thank you, Nia, for including me in this amazing little community. Happy birthday!” –Kallie Plagge

nia“I first met Nia on the social networking/blogging side of IGN known as MyIGN. She was a well-known member of the community that we all knew had a crazy love for Nintendo and gaming in general! We eventually spoke through blog comments and she saw me slowly grow up on the site. After a period of inactivity, Nia came back asking for help on a new gaming project she had in the works, now known as SheAttack. I thought the opportunity sounded fantastic, and I wanted to be a part of it! I decided to give it a shot, partly because I thought it would be a good experience, but mainly because Nia always struck me as a cool gal, so I wanted to help her out. And now here we are. Nia is one of the most devoted and passionate women I know when it comes to gaming and the community, and she truly put her heart and soul into this website. She doesn’t do it for the money or any sort of “recognition.” She’s not chasing fame, (although I’m sure she wouldn’t mind it!) or trying to use her gender specifically to gain popularity. She’s just a lady that loves gaming and wants to share her passion to the world. And that’s the kind of mentality that is helping SheAttack slowly rise to the top. I know there’s so many more experiences waiting for all of us here at the site, and it’s all thanks to Nia. I’m grateful and lucky to call her a friend of mine.” ~Gabby Nuovo

“What can I say about Nia? Well nothing except. ..shes fucking awesome! I met Nia last year right before the site launched and… still can’t believe how far we’ve gone. All because of some utube video that pissed me off enough to make a response to and im so happy I did because it definitely taught me a lesson. Never be afraid to voice your opinion. Thanks Nia for everything, wish u the very best birthday ever and looking forward to this epic adventure we’re taking!” – Alexis Urquizo

“It’s been a pleasure working alongside Nia and having her as my Commander-In-Chief. She has uniqueness about her, being a self driven individual who has the reputation to get the job done. Initially meeting her through a mutual friend, I was intrigue to meet a visionary who would start a site to empower other women in the gaming. Her “go-getter” attitude has impacted our team, driving us to go farther and showcase our full potential in the gaming community. Although she has accomplished much, I admire her humility; she is a down-to-earth, witty person who is easy to get along with. Happy Birthday our Commander-In-Chief, keep making us proud and keeping us sane of course . Happy Birthday.” – Emerald Collins

Aweee I’m missing hummm…let me just say Nia we love you and today is your day, girl. I first met you 2 years ago when your now bf added me to a Skype call during E3 and ever since then we have grown closer as the years have went by. I loved that fact that you really didn’t care what people thought of you and that Nintendo was your love but you play everything in sight if it interests you. Then after Shokio made that controversial video about girl gamers it finally gave you the courage to start this site. You came to me first and went over what you wanted to accomplish so I said, ‘yes this is where I need to be’. I fell in love with your drive, dedication, but also your willingness to not only be about the site, but be a friend at our times of need. I finally got to meet you in person at PAX East and I must say we blend nicely lol it was so fun actually being able to see that you are the same person that I talk to Skype and Voxer almost everyday – which wasn’t surprising. I love your passion and I love you because with out you man SheAttack wouldn’t exist. You are humble and always put the emphasis that it’s a team effort and it’s not all about you. With that being said I hope your born day goes great and you enjoy yourself. Oh yea TURNNNNN UPPP AYEEEEE LOL” – Jaleesa Foster

As for myself, I met Nia through the wonderful world of YouTube where she asked me to be a part of this site. I didn’t know her or any of the girls personally but I love writing and gaming so I couldn’t say no. Where this site was going, I did not know but I knew Nia had a vision and the leadership skills to get us there. Because of SheAttack, I am able to share my passion of gaming and experience things I never would have thought I would have experienced. I was able to go to my first event, CES and loved every minute of it. Not only that, but I have made new friends through this site and the number one person to thank is Nia. So I hope you enjoyed this little “project” of ours to say thanks BOSS!! Happy Birthday! “SHEATTACK ON THE MAP!” – Erica Alatorre


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    Happy birthday Miss Nia 🙂

  • Wow…….I don’t even know what to say! I am so overwhelmed with all of the birthday love right now and this further cements my thoughts that I have the BEST team in the whole wide world! I thank each and every one of you for your kind words and I hope than I continue to get us on the map. You are all very talented and I want nothing more than to get you guys to where you need to be – at the top. Thank all of you ladies so much for this surprise lol. Ya’ll almost had me in tears lol.

  • Thanks!

  • Happy Birthday!

  • Almost in tears? I could have sworn we had the whole 9 yards! I should have put in a kitten image in my paragraph! Lol

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    Happy Bday!! 🙂