Simple Halloween Costumes for the Average Video Gamer


Halloween is just around the corner so here are some simple costumes any gamer can pull off.

Ace Attorney – Pheonix Wright

Easy to throw together even with a navy blue suit, this costume is great for everyday and for looking suave out at the bars!


Composition: Blue suit, red tie, dress shoes, slicked back hair

Optional: “Objection!” sign, white vest, pocket watch

Final Fantasy VII – Tifa

Want to go as something a little more sexy but still badass, Tifa is the one. A popular character throughout the fandoms, most people will know who you are.


Composition: Cut off white tank-top, black mini skirt, suspenders

Optional: Gloves (unless you think you might need to fight some people on Halloween).

Sonic Boom – Sonic

Okay so you don’t have to be from Sonic Boom, just throw on a lot of blue and some white Micheal Jackson gloves and you’re set!


Composition: Blue shirt, jeans/blue pants, red shoes, white gloves

Optional: Blue spiked hair, ears, painted face, scarf

The 3rd Birthday – Aya Brea

Another badass lady to dress up as, just don’t go around shooting everyone. Also, be sure to stay warm!


Composition: Black tank top, ripped jeans, knee high boots

Optional: necklace, gun, blood spatter

Pokemon – Pokemon Trainer

Have an extra Pokemon plushie or Pokeball hanging around? Perfect, dress up however you want and carry that around for the night!


Composition: Be creative, put on something crazy or normal, just make sure it’s good enough for the wilds of the Pokemon world.

Optional: Real-life pet/child/Pokemon to follow you around.

Uncharted – Nathan Drake

An easy to make costume with just a little dirt and scars here and there.


Composition: Distressed long sleeve shirt, dirty pants, hiking boots,

Optional: Elena sidekick, five o’clock shadow, guns, necklace with ring, scarf (Uncharted 3)


These are just a few costumes you could make on your own in  a time crunch, feel free to share your costumes for Halloween in the comments below, we would love to see them! Email us at and we’ll be sure to showcase it!

And remember, be safe out there on Halloween!

Don't end up like Drake after a night out!
Don’t end up like Drake after a night out!
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