The Sims 4 Update Rebels Against Gender Rules


Disclaimer: May contain words pertaining to a community some may not be familiar with. Don’t worry! Links have been included within the article. The appropriate pronouns referring to the aforementioned community will be utilized such as theirs, they, and them.

Your sims can finally be anyone they want to be!

Since the release of The Sims, players have been allowed to create any character they wanted – almost. For years, simmers could create gay, straight, and interracial sims and families. While the series was progressive for its time, simmers who wanted nonbinary sims were stuck. No matter how gender-fluid simmers tried to make their characters, certain characters couldn’t wear heels, have long flowing hair, nor don the male exclusive pompadour. I encountered this frustration while playing the The Sims 4: GameTime demo. Angel DeMilo enjoyed wearing both male and female identified garbs, yet their desire to wear a pink dress and heels went unfulfilled…until the update.

No More Gender Restrictions On Hair, Clothing, and Jewelry

Thanks to the latest free The Sims 4 update, Angel DeMilo, and all of their fellow sims, can work it in heels and a dress. Like real life, a sim’s choice of clothing attire expresses who they are as individuals.  If a simmer wants to rock a headband and a beard at the same time, they finally have that chance. Gender variance isn’t only restricted to clothing and hairstyles. If sims choose to wear hoop earrings or dog tags with their ensembles they can do that too.

All Simmers Are Represented

The inclusion of this update is a breakthrough not only for the The Sims community, but for the gaming community and beyond. Society is making way for all to feel accepted and now The Sims is opening the path for gaming to follow suit. Fans who felt previously excluded from society and gaming have found their places in both worlds. As a lifelong The Sims fan,  I have had my own gripes with the series as of late. Despite my grievances, I applaud the The Sims Team for making the effort to finally include all The Sims fans into the series. The update is bound to attract new simmers who can play as a version of themselves in game.  New simmers will also equate to a better outlook for the series.

From the Bottom of Our Plumbob Filled Hearts


On behalf of The Sims fans, thank you The Sims Team for including each and every one of us. The update has given fans like myself hope that the series will prosper. May my favorite series have a much brighter future.

How do you feel about this update? Let us know below!

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