A Song for Viggo – A Story About Pain and Loss


One of my good friends, Bob Reinhard, introduced me to this game on Kickstarter and wow does it need to be made. 

A point and click-game made of real paper, about a parent who accidentally kills his son Viggo. This game is about the aftermath. – A Song for Viggo Kickstarter

Right off the bat A Song for Viggo’s premise sounds very heavy – and it is. Dealing with the death of a child is not something many parents or people experience in their lives. This game could very well be categorized under the genre of realism and exhibits how there are games coming out today that confront hard life issues with a more head-on approach. Simon Karlsson, the developer, has been working closely with people who have experienced the loss a child and is incorporating their grievances into A Song for Viggo.


A Song for Viggo will be a point and click game created entirely out of paper. In the Kickstarter video, Simon illustrates the ‘stage’ where he films the stop-motion animations for the characters and scenery. While using paper and stop-motion might be very time consuming, like Simon, I felt that it is necessary for the purpose of creating a world where the landscape matches a solemn atmosphere. Simon even says in the video that the whiteness of the paper rightfully contrasts the darkness of the plot, in a way that no other medium really could in my opinion.

I damn near teared up fromwatching the video when Simon started talking about the mother in the game and how the main song for the game was the mother’s way of coping with the death of her son. As if the premise of the story wasn’t enough to tug on my heartstrings, the music in the game really sells the melancholy and depressed mood that the characters are feeling. A Song of Viggo is a story about pain and loss, something we all experience in our lives, but Simon brings it right to your door wrapped in a beautiful paper setting.

The Kickstarter itself is set at a modest $20,000 with a lot of stretch goals to go along with it, some of which will allow Simon to expound on the story of the family before the accident and different paths taken in the story. Its not too much to ask compared to some Kickstarters out there and this one has a story that is worth telling.

Go on and check out the Kickstarter video and follow Simon Karlsson on Twitter to get the full picture!

Tell us any thoughts you may have regarding A Song for Viggo below!

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