Sony VS Nintendo: The Acquisition of Atlus


In case you all have not heard, Index, game development company Atlus’, parent company, is going bankrupt. Purportedly, they will be pulling a “THQ-styled” move by auctioning off all of their properties this week. These are very unfortunate circumstances for a company that has been around for as long as they have. They make, arguably, some of the greatest and beloved RPGs in the industry. Nevertheless, the purpose of this article is not to discuss their financial hardships into detail, but to discuss some of the happenings I have seen arise in the midst of it all – the always unavoidable debate between fandoms concerning who should acquire the studio and their assets. Of course the fan bases in question belong to two of the gaming world’s greatest giants – Nintendo and Sony.

Atlus has done a fantastic job at satisfying both fan bases with their games, from the Shin Megami Tensei games, Trauma Center games, the immensely popular Persona series, the Disgea series, and many more. The aforementioned games are a big part of the reason why fans of different backgrounds are crooning for Atlus to be attained by the right company. The decision of which company acquires Atlus could be a game changer in whether or not gamers world over will continue to enjoy all of these fantastic experiences on their consoles of choice.


Nintendo fans who want the company to buy Atlus are saying that Nintendo needs help. It’s no secret that one of Nintendo’s biggest issues has been getting content on their platforms in ample time. As was seen when the 3DS launched and what we are seeing now with the Wii U, Nintendo has been unacceptably slow with bringing their own content to their systems. It has gotten so bad, that global president, Satoru Iwata himself has come out and admitted that they are understaffed and are churning out games at a slower pace than expected. It goes without saying that touting Atlus under their reigns, alongside Retro Studios, Intelligent Systems, and Monolith Soft, would add something very special to Nintendo and a much needed breath of fresh air from their more pervasive titles.

Conversely, PlayStation fans are asking that Sony buy Atlus. The biggest reason being that one of Atlus’ most popular franchises, Persona, has done exceptionally well on PlayStation consoles and are a bit of a staple in any PlayStation owner’s library. The only problem with Sony acquiring Atlus is that they don’t exactly have the best financial situation either. Sony has recently been closing off development studios of their own as well as buildings, headquarters even, that existed to aid in keeping the PlayStation brand alive and well. I’m no analyst so I won’t report on numbers, but coming from a person on the outside looking in, obtaining Atlus as an entirety may not be feasible, but they might…might…have enough in the bank to try and strike a deal with Atlus to get Persona all to themselves. This would actually be a smart move for Sony that would keep their fans content.Persona-4-Golden-Box-Art

In my opinion, Sony’s PlayStation division and Nintendo are the main companies that try to keep gaming as the focus of their products. Regardless of who acquires Atlus, be it Nintendo or Sony, although I believe Nintendo is most likely, the company will be in good hands. My only concern is whether or not Atlus will be picked up by a third party or have their properties acquired at all. If you remember from THQ’s situation, many of their subsidiaries and franchises were bought out while others were left behind as fans waited on pins and needles for their favorite titles to be obtained.

How do you feel about this situation? Are you saddened? Do you believe that Atlus had it coming? Which company would you prefer to manage their belongings? Sound off in the comments section below!

  • I think I would be genuinely be sad to see Atlus go to Nintendo. Of course it would be good for them and all that but that would mean that anything that was going to be made for console would come out on a Wii U or any other future consoles which I am not willing to buy. I would hate to have to buy a Wii U just to play Persona 5 or otherwise. True I enjoy the handheld versions of the games, they are great but I feel that Sony already kind of owns at least the Persona franchise as you mentioned Nia seeing as the PS2 is home to Persona 3 [Fes] and Nocturne. I don’t know I guess I would just be one of those people who would be happy to see it go to Sony even if they are hurting. I just want to see Persona 5 in glorious HD on the PS4 😛
    Oh and I also think that if Nintendo got Atlus that we would see less games come over to NA. Not that I know everything about the gaming industry but I feel that Nintendo limits what comes over. Feel free to correct me or fill me in on that because I’m kind of clueless there XD

  • Most likely Nintendo would buy them.

  • Kaneda Goda

    I personally wish for Nintendo to buy them because if people are fans of Atlus and their games, I don’t see why the platform they’re on should matter… also, NOBODY buys a console for one game… you either have a very narrow interest in genres or you’re an idiot… to say there are no other games that may interest you in any console out there other than one game is preposterous… you like the games? buy the console… no money? save up! very simple.

  • Allen

    Hopefully Nintendo Will be pickup Atlus, because Nintendo needs to be putting out more games for the Wii-u System. That would be great to play the Persona games on the Wii-u gamepad. Either way I will still be picking up Atlus games on either nintendo or sony consoles.

  • doomrider7

    I really hope Nintendo makes a play for Atlus and takes them. I’m not saying this just because I’m a Nintendo fan and have a Wii U, but because they have shown to be the most stable of the two through thick and thin and even posting that 1st loss(which was actually lesser of a loss than what Sony posted), they were still in better shape than Sony.

  • Mat

    I would (obviously) love it if Nintendo bought Atlus because I am a huge JRPG and Nintendo fan. Nintendo’s recent partnership with Atlus for SMTxFE and their promotion of JRPGs since Fire Emblem Awakening with FE, SMT, SMTxFE, Earthbound, and Pokémon X Y has been fairly strong compared to the last few years. The 3DS and the DS before it have a lot of Atlus games on them, but I really just want to see more oldschool JPRGs on Nintendo *consoles* again, since I am a SNES kid.

    However, I think that it would be best for Atlus if they were picked up by a neutral party, because they tend to keep specific series on specific platforms. Persona has stuck to Sony, Shin Megami Tensei has been (mostly) on Nintendo’s side, Etryan Odyssey too. So it would be unfortunate for either side to lose Atlus’ support.

  • Mat

    Except that it’s hard to justify buying another console when I already have thirteen hooked up. Damn physics.

  • Hmm…Rumor is that SEGA Sammy Holdings made a bid. I wouldn’t complain about that, though I’d wonder about localization. :/ I don’t know who else is going for it. There are ~20 bidders, according to IGN.

  • I heard about that. That honestly shocked me lol. I didn’t even know SEGA had the cash at the moment. It’s gonna be interesting to see how this plays out.

  • Mufarbubu

    I would be willing to put up with the weirdness of seeing SMT on PS or Persona on Nintendo (fortunately I own both consoles, but I understand that many can’t do that), if it means getting the same kind of synergy as Naughty Dog gets from being first party. Sony has other studios however that aren’t so great, so being a first party doesn’t necessarily translate to better games. Imho though being first party has some real significant advantages.

  • I know what you mean but I only have 11 XD

  • I hope Nintendo Takes Atlus and, I’ll be truthful with you! I’m just Bias towards Nintendo!
    while I would be Happy with Either Company Owning Atlus! As I’m a Fan of both I just Gravitate towards Nintendo More! Most Likely Because, there What I grew up With!
    While I Do still have some worries about either company Having Atlus! Such as Nintendo Tends not like to Bring Japaneses Styled games to the USA very much but, that does seem to be getting better! As for Sony there advertising is rather weak But Will Nintendo’s Advertising I believe Atlus Games could become Much Stronger IP’s! As I said though I would not Mind it going to either Company! I would just Prefer it Go to Nintendo!

  • ProFresh

    SEGA has ample cash and a good relationship with Ninty to let SMTxFE stay on track. Let it be them.

  • Probably because I own both Nintendo and Sony consoles, I don’t really mind whoever of the two takes Atlus, haha. 😛 With that said, I think Nintendo could afford the acquisition a lot more than Sony can atm. Just hoping that whoever takes Atlus lets them do their own thing.

  • redhood56

    None of the big 3 are interested in atlus. If they did it would be terrible. As long it isnt the big 3 and atlus usa isnt affected i am good.

  • redhood56

    You dont understand that persona is and always should be a ps exclusive. Picture Mario on the ps4. Atlus games are enjoyed on a variety of platforms.

  • Either one better keep the Atlus franchises in all its glory and continue to pop out impressive IPs. Atlus is one of my favorite developers and publishers. 🙁

  • I would definitely prefer if Nintendo got Atlus. Nintendo not only needs more games, which is a problem this could aid, but they need more variety in their releases. With things looking grim on the 3rd party front on the WiiU. We’re going to need other developers to help provide a more rounded library. I love Nintendo’s major franchises, but I wouldn’t want them to be cornered into relying on them too much.