SpeedRunners Gets a Major Map Update & Nonlethal Spikes


Members of the SpeedRunners community on Steam should rejoice! The fast-paced competitive foot racer has had a major update. The details of the update are detailed below.

SpeedRunners r25

Introducing changes to 5 maps, and non-lethal spikes

We’ve been playing a lot of SpeedRunners lately — especially the user created levels. Did you know there are over 1,800 user levels in SpeedRunners’ Steam Workshop now? 

It turned out that playing levels you don’t know isn’t as much fun when you constantly die hitting spikes. We also noticed this in Let’s Play videos on Youtube, where people had real trouble with playing some levels for the first time. So r25 introduces a major game changer – spikes no longer kill you. Instead, you get stunned for a few seconds and get back into the game.

This means leaders will get knocked back and lose the lead — while if you hit a spike and are in the back, you have a slim chance of recovery. 

We also made changes to 5 levels from the roster, including finally skinning Night Club and Silo. They are no longer prototype levels.  

A full list of updates is included below, and don’t forget to checkout our informal playtesting session, spontaneously recorded on video. Shaky cam footage and me being super frustrated included. 


    • no longer kill you 
    • you bounce forward and get stunned for a second 
    • no longer running in front gets you blindly killed

Theme Park

    • Redesigned the full right section (not many people were taking the far-right route) 
    • Added a cannon-boost pad before the big jump and the carousel swing, it shoots you up 
    • Added an upwards facing boost tunnel at the end of big jump, so people don’t fall down 
    • Redesigned section after the big jump


    • Tweaked bottom dual-tunnel section 
    • Removed the big wall of death at right section, replaced with a more forgiving boost-tunnel that shoots you up

Night Club

    • (previous prototype level) 
    • Now looks like a nightclub! Complete with a DJ and VIP lounge. Can you get into the VIP lounge?! 
    • Bottom left section changed to include a boost-tunnel that opens if someone triggers a lever


    • (previous prototype level) 
    • Now looks like a Silo! What do you think of the visuals? 
    • Removed triggerable saws


    • Changed the right part of the map 
    • Changed the missile for a boost-tunnel 
    • Made the part after windmills more fluid 

SpeedRunners is one of the most fun games I’ve ever played. Check out my impressions here.

Unfortunately until I build my new PC, I won’t be able to partake in the shenanigans.

Already a fan of the game? Tell us your thoughts below!

  • I’m sure these changes are awesome, but it doesn’t matter because my skill level in this game sucks! 😀