Splatoon: Gateway to Getting Nintendo Gamers Online


Is Splatoon’s Origin an Online Survey?

Club Nintendo is a fantastic tool. This service allows fans to earn electronic coins for their patronage to “buy” cool Nintendo-themed swag, downloadable Nintendo classics, and has been recently used as a channel that connects your digital purchases to the Nintendo Network to keep your acquisitions more secure than ever before. Another recent addition to the Club Nintendo service is the ability to complete product surveys for said coins. Surveys are boring as all hell, but that coin struggle is serious business! I’ve locked in obscene amounts of time on Club Nintendo trying to get cool stuff and “level up” to platinum status (Club Nintendo platinum and gold members receive sought-after prizes and collectibles from Nintendo at the end of each fiscal year).

One survey that stuck out to me in particular was the one from November 2013 that asked specific questions regarding fan interest in online multiplayer games. Nintendo gamers are a fickle bunch. We’re very particular in the way that our games should be developed. Out of many gamers from any fan base, I can attest that because these games we love have been around for so long, many of my fellow brethren and sistren are quite hesitant to large, fundamental changes. One of these being adding online modes to games that haven’t prior. As for me, I welcome the option. Certain games would benefit greatly from online co-op and multiplayer such as Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D World, and yes, even Nintendo Land for a lasting and more enjoyable experience.

Splatoon Booth E3At this year’s E3, Splatoon, a new MULTIPLAYER FOCUSED IP created by some of Nintendo’s young minds, made a huge splash. The game is very visually appealing to the stereotypical Nintendo gamer that loves vivid colors and whimsy. It’s quirky and from a gameplay stand point, it looks to be an experience that many of us are accustomed to – unadulterated fun that makes absolutely zero sense. The first thing that popped into my head after the debut of Splatoon was that survey.

Splatoon he plays Call of Duty
Funny pic courtesy of Fernhw on deviantArt.

I thought, “what if Splatoon is Nintendo’s way of introducing online multiplayer to gamers that may not have otherwise been interested?” If Splatoon is huge, which I think it will be as it has picked up tremendous steam, there is a possibility that Nintendo will give us more of those types of games. Hosting and keeping up with servers is extra cash burned, certainly they’d want to be sure that they’d be good for something other than Mario Kart. Hopefully Splatoon will help the old coots over at Nintendo of Japan realize that westerners are spread much further apart than they are. We need other options when playing games with pals.

Think of Splatoon as a gateway for getting Nintendo loyals on board. This could be the catalyst that sets the ball in motion for a more “modern” Nintendo online infrastructure. From this, Nintendo could then develop a more fleshed out Nintendo Network experience…as there would finally be a reason to do so. Supply and demand – if there is no demand there is no supply and vice versa. Even those that do own Nintendo consoles and aren’t loyal to the brand, play their multiplayer games on their other devices leaving the vocal minority exactly that – a minority.

Nintendo fans, how do you feel about Splatoon and online multiplayer as a whole? Will Splatoon be the first multiplayer game that you get into?

Tell me your thoughts below!


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  • Epic Markell Joshua

    I think you are right this will get alot of anti-online nintendo fans to start seeing the fun of online.

  • DiGiTaLM4N

    Nia this was an awesome article I was thinking the same not just new IP but the amount of fun in this game focusing it online would bring those anti online crowd to start coming around.

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  • Eri

    For this generation, I just wish Nintendo would branch out further with their gaming division by releasing on other platforms. They’ve lost the race, at least on consoles and this strategy risks them becoming irrelevant in that market.. to the wiiu and maybe future consoles.

    Plus I really want to play this but can’t justify a console price for it online lol

  • –Chris–

    I wish other platforms made games for Nintendo

  • Xeon2

    And they struck back with the wii after the GameCube era, say what you will about it, but that machine was the fastest selling console in history, faster than the ps4 even. Underestimating Nintendo is a foolish idea history has shown that and they’ve finally learned most of the lessons out of this generations to make a potential fantastic one next gen.