What About SQUIDS Odyssey?


SQUIDS Odyssey is the new buzz, a tactical RPG for mobile gamers. The game requires strategy and concentration, even in its simplicity. The objective of the game is to defeat aquatic enemies with a party of three to five ally squids.

The game begins with your characters breaking down ancient temple walls, then introducing them – say “hi” to Steev, Vahine, and Winnick. The RPG elements are introduced when each of these three characters’ skills are introduced. Steev is a Scout, Vahine is a Healer, and Winnick is an Elite Trooper. The game later introduces a few more characters and their skills, including Shooter and Stomper.

SQUIDS Odyssey caters to all age groups due its simplistic setup. Each level includes cut scenes, allowing the player to follow along with the story. Although the story isn’t complex, following the cut scenes and conversations between the characters was delightful and easy to love. I enjoyed these moments the most along with eyeing the artistic graphics. The visuals are absolutely charming. The corresponding “3D” elements submerged me into that underwater atmosphere bringing the world of SQUIDS to life. Watching sea creatures swim across the screen and overlapping your characters, appealed to the senses. Throughout the game, there were comical moments that gave the characters’ personalities added definition.photo 5While strategy in this game is a must, the way the combat was configured was a bit difficult to adjust to. I say this because you are only given a certain amount of stamina, which you could run out of before addressing your enemy. The game does allow you to upgrade your characters, unlocking new items in the store as the game progresses. SQUIDS incorporates real RPG and strategic elements, but only in a remedial form.This game may be better suited for beginners or individuals that want to have casual play.

Although I enjoyed this game there were some things I didn’t particularly care for. For example, I would have enjoyed it more if it had more depth and complexity in gameplay. SQUIDS and SQUIDS: Wild West have their challenges, but even with upgrading characters, I felt that fighting enemies took way too long, making each level drag on longer than it should have. Also, It was a bit difficult trying to hunt down all of the enemies on the map. I admired the consistency of the underwater theme, but some spontaneous moments would have made this game more interesting.

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Overall, SQUIDS was a good play from its neat 3D visuals and upbeat music to its slightly challenging strategic moments. I look forward to seeing more from The Game Bakers and if they expand on the SQUIDS universe I’d be interested to see where they go with it.

SQUIDS Odyssey is also on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS eShops featuring the same story and agenda of the IOS version.

Have you gotten your hands on SQUIDS Odyssey? What is your take on the game?

Discuss in the comments below!

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    Overall interesting review. You gave some pretty good insights into the game’s design, particularly about its overreliance on simplicity. If you were to rewrite though you may want to deal with the many redundancies you’ve got in your writing. For instance you don’t really need to remind the audience this is your opinion since who else’s would it be?