Star Wars: Battlefront to Be Shown at E3, Fans Skeptical


EA CEO Andrew Wilson has confirmed that the highly anticipated Star Wars: Battlefront will be among the games shown at E3 this year. Wilson also mentioned during an EA investors conference call that the development for Battlefront  is “coming along very, very well.” Still, according to Gamespot, there is a lot of work to be done as the game is “far from complete.”

Every now and then, I like to take note of the opinions of the gaming community so I took to the message boards at Gamespot to see how fans are reacting to this news. Some fans are excited; others are worried. Considering that it is DICE developing the game, many fans are expressing their skepticism.  As I scrolled through many comments, “Please don’t **** it up” seemed to be the message fans wanted DICE to know.  Others are hoping that Battlefront is nothing like the “disaster” that is Battlefield 4.

battlfrontAs we all know, DICE developed Battlefield 4 and to this day, the game is still being patched for its bugs and online issues.  It was clearly not finished product upon its release and this of course is a major reason people are skeptical of anything DICE touches.

I’m by no means a Star Wars nut but I am a fan and I am looking forward to Battlefront being shown at E3.  Let us hope that Battlefront makes us forget the awful launch and continuous problems of Battlefield 4.

Star Wars: Battlefront will be presented at E3 during EA’s press conference Monday, June 9th.


What do you think? Are you worried DICE will “screw up” Battlefront or are you confident it will be a great game? Are you excited to see new footage at E3? Let us know!


Source: Gamespot

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  • Ken

    They better not F this game up. BF4 has so many problems. Dice brings up updates but breaks more things then fixes. Even with the new upgraded servers Dice has put up, S**t is still F’d up. Even with my little rant. Have a good day everybody

  • I think Star Wars Battlefront 1 ranks in my top 5 games I’ve ever played. With that fact stated, I have primed myself for disappointment. The first one was everything I wanted to be. The palette was colorful, the weapons satisfying, the classes unique, the vehicles balanced, and the atmosphere absorbing. It really felt like I was IN one of those battles in the movies. You really felt like you were a badass soldier in the army, a regular Joe caught up in the thick of things. If you were killed after mowing down 90% of the guards at a particular base, you could count on your teammates to back you up and finish what you started. Multiplayer was ridiculous – 40 players in one arena! The sequel was definitely a good game, but even then I started seeing the shift from it being a Star Wars game to it being a generic Multiplayer Shooter game. Everyone sites the sequel as superior but frankly I feel the first is truer to the feel the games were going for and to the Star Wars universe, and was balanced better. There’s no way it’s going to be better because:

    1) There’s no way the “battles” will be the scope of the original games.
    -You just can’t put 40 players in one arena with today’s technology, even if 39 are NPC’s. Part of the reason the old games were great was because you felt like your teammates had your back; if you died, another will swiftly take your place. There was always something going on, always people driving vehicles, always droidekas making people ragequit. The levels in the first game were massive, and even in the sequel they had to cut the map sizes to accomodate the decreased amount of troops in each battle (32 instead of 40) and the graphics, but I’ll get to that.

    2) It will be dark and gritty, like every other goddamn shooter out there. From what I’ve seen of the previews, the colorful, diverse Star Wars universe will be reduced to a dark and gritty version of itself Episode III created. SWBF2 did the same thing. Normally I wouldn’t mind, but with great grit comes great graphic requirements. No one at EA will ever sacrifice their precious graphics in order to make a better game. The increased graphical strain will cut down on level sizes and the amount of character models / entities that can be rendered onscreen and the atmosphere will absolutely suffer.

    3) It will try to ape every other shooter out there. Class customization? Yep. Unstoppable super classes gained as killstreak rewards? Definitely. RPG elements? Yep. Online rewards and prestiges? You bet. Laser blasters transformed into bullet shooting machine guns? They were already doing it in SWBF2. Feeling like your army is the only thing standing between death and salvation really loses weight when a Jedi is obviously the MVP and clearing rooms left right and center. Class customization? Why even have distinct classes in the first place? Much like Hollywood, EA has always failed to grasp what made a game or series great and will inevitably make a Battlefield clone because that’s what they know will sell. Speaking of EA…

    4) The game will be an unfinished, buggy wreck like everything else they’ve published in the last 2 years. I’ve learned to never pre-order anything and to never buy EA games until a few months after they’re released. EA has always pushed games out the door before they’re ready in the pursuit of profit, and as long as you guys keep buying their games release day they’ll continue to do so. Have fun being kicked from online games due to overloaded servers, have your game crash from a game-breaking bug that could easily have been fixed, and having your multiplayer experience be destroyed by a jarring balance issue.

    I’ve given up hope for the series, and so should fans of the originals. If the game turns out to be the game that fixes all the issues with the original and it’s sequel like a game should have if it spent 6+ years in development, then I’ll eat my words with a desert fork.