Street Fighter 5 PS4 Exclusive?! – Is PS4 THE Console for Fighters?


Earlier today it was revealed that Street Fighter 5 will be exclusive to PS4 and PC. And as a new Xbox One owner, and someone who has spent way too much time in the SSFIV training room, this is a very hard and thick pill to swallow.

Just check out the trailer below:

Xbox owners, are you mad? Because I sure am. Yeah they’re not just waving that RISE UP in our faces for fun…

Is the PS4 ultimately turning into the console for fighting gamers? Honestly I’m going to have to say yes. With Skullgirls, Tekken 7 and more recently Guilty Gear being announced only for the PS4, we can only assume that this will be the future. Of course us Xbox owners will have Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat X to wait on, but where are our new fighting game exclusives? I can’t even remember how many tournaments I’ve been to and seen Street Fighter only being ran on Xbox consoles. From someone who learned to play Street Fighter x Tekken and Super Street Fighter IV and fell in love with the series on Xbox, this is really a blow to me as a fan of the series and Xbox. And the majority of the community feels this way as well…



Way to go Capcom! You’ve officially let us down. GG.



For those wondering is it too soon? Yes it is too soon. But if you’re picking up a console this holiday season, this can definitely change your mind on which one to get. I dislike having one of my favorite genres being so widely split between the two consoles. Yes we have Killer Instinct, but PS4 is getting at least 4 big fighting game titles “exclusively.” Hopefully it will grow into a timed exclusive. Maybe we shouldn’t been too shocked about this news since SFxT did receive PS3 only exclusives and Capcom has been dropping hints at the PS4 since launch. But at the same time, who has the money to spend $399 on both an Xbox and a PS4? $800 dollars on both consoles is kind of ridiculous. Throw in a Wii-U for Smash and we’re looking at over $1,100 spent on all consoles. (not even including the price of games) I’m not trying to say that I’m broke but, priorities! This is pretty stupid to have to go through with that. Though we still have a little bit of time to save up until then if that will be our decision. Or maybe we’ll decide to spend all our quarters at the arcade. A release date has not been announced besides 2015. Looks like many gamers might have to take that pocket dive with this generation of gaming.



I feel the Xbox 360 platform has done so much for Street Fighter it’s especially a bummer. To be so blindsided by a move like this on Capcom, I’m very upset and feel like I’ve been officially let down. Not only did I purchase SFxT day one to find out that the characters soon released as DLC afterwards were already pre-loaded on the disc, spent quite a bit on DLC and gems for that silly game, and have been a faithful fan since the amidst their issues. Let’s not even get into the annoyance with Castlevania, Dragon’s Dogma and Megaman. This whole companies purchasing third party games crap needs to come to an end! If Sony paid Capcom to have their game “somewhat” exclusive on the console, Capcom really does suck. It’s no wonder why their reputation has taken a deep dive. Gamers, if you are upset let the companies know how we feel by tweeting, creating expressive content and writing to them! Our voices do have power, don’t ever forget that.

To those ready to fire back with “Well Xbox has Titanfall and Tomb Raider!” “Well what about the Wii-U?” “You just salty!!” “PC MASTER RACE!”  Yeah, it sucks to have to cash out for almost every single console to have a complete gaming setup. But do keep in mind that it’s been this way since 1st generation gaming so we honestly can’t even really complain about it. If we are thinking that just one console, PS4 or Xbox One, could cover all of our gaming needs, we’re being delusional. The anger stems from Street Fighter being an extremely loved series for fans over every console. This game had been highly anticipated and has been accessible through mostly all consoles since it’s first generation. (Well except for EX which was a PS exclusive) This is a confusing twist to throw at us. I understand companies want to have their games exclusive so we continue to open our pockets to them, but this is not fair to the gamers at all. Though what is ever fair in the world of corporate gain?

Looks like we’re going to have to wait it out on this one. The Official Sony Experience is happening this weekend we’re definitely going to get more information on this there. And 2015 is just a little bit away to see what officially happens here. I mean, we can still be excited for the next version of Street Fighter. It does look pretty awesome so far!

Here’s a couple of screengrabs from NeoGAF to enjoy until then:

chun fight

ryu ryu2


Sources: DailyMotion | NEOGAF | KOTAKU


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  • PowerSerg

    I think the real reason it’s not on xbox one is that the xbox one isn’t doing that well. It’s a second generation of Xbox doing horrible in japan so japan devs don’t feel inspired to make games on a console no one in their home country uses. Beyond that a whole collection of issues could be tied to it including a lack of faith in MS’s future. I’m sorry to all the xbone owners but Japanese games really just won’t be coming as exclusives to the console (not that it has many exclusives to it’s name anyway).

  • Krystal Carr

    Definitely a good point that you brought up here. It does make sense that if the console isn’t doing well in your home country, then why put the effort into making your game for that. Ah, I’m still so bummed about this for myself. I’m used to spending at least a good 15+ hours a week on Street Fighter alone on my 360, so this is the part that is really killing me. Just bought my XB1 console on Black Friday and didn’t expect something like this to happen. Thanks for your comment on the matter.

  • –Chris–

    I’m upset :/ Great article. I didn’t expect to hear of ANYTHING about a SF5 for a couple more years to come (especially since the ULTRA update came early this past summer), but I would like to think of this as this iteration of this game being exclusive. If that’s actually the case behind the scenes, who knows? :l

  • PowerSerg

    I totally get that, it really must suck for this to come out only a few days after you bought the console. It always stinks when you spend a lot of money only to find the games or game you want isn’t coming to your console.

    Your article was super well written though maybe xbox one owners will manage to pull together and bring the game to system they own. If not you can always hope super, hyper, or ultra ends up being multiplat.

  • ariessiren

    It sucks but yeah the console is doing poorly compared to Sonys console especially in Japan. It’s a business decision that makes sense. At least they can get the pc version. That helps.

  • TheFanboySlayer

    here is how I look at it….

    Sony and Microsoft are in a boxing match….lets say that the buying of 3rd party exclusives is like kicking

    Sony when they were younger were the masters at kicking….(Getting 3rd party exclusives because they were popular).
    Last fight (360 vs PS4)…Microsoft were set in making sure they learned to kick…now they are pros…WHile sony had quit and started using alot more hard punches (got 1st party dev support)
    This gen (PS4 vs XboxOne) Microsoft has thrown in a few kicks…Sony not soo much….People are pissed but what can you do…the ref isnt against kicking. Now Sony throws a HUGELY powerful kick(since they’re good at it) and everyone is outraged.
    Its a question of morality..should kicking be banned in a boxing match? Is it fair that Sony kicks hard when Microsoft have been doing it for a while?….again all a question of what you think is right.

    My opinion: neither group should be kicking in a boxing match but if one does to another, they should be allowed to retaliate by kicking back.

  • I agree. I hope people leave their biases behind and recognize that this is Microsoft’s fault.They started this with games like:
    Ninja Gaiden 2, Mass Effect 2, Dead Rising 2, Ryse, Plants v Zombies Garden warfare, Peggle 2, and Tomb Raider 2. That’s 7 kicks.
    Believe it or not. This is Sony’s first kick with Street Fighter 5.
    So in terms of kicks Microsoft leads 7-1.
    Microsoft 7-1 Sony
    If anyone disagrees, prove me wrong with evidence. Microsoft started this. And we are all going to pay for it because I assume Microsoft will throw more kicks yet.

  • Bliss Seeker

    Capcom initially had no budget to develop Street Fighter V in the first place:
    Sony must of funded them.

  • TheFanboySlayer

    lol I posted this somewhere else…someone responded saying Bloodbourne?…I was like -__- so I guess 7-2 lol 100% agree though

  • jlenoconel

    I’m pretty sure Tekken 7 is still coming for Xbox One.

  • jb227

    Bloodborne was a holdover from the fist Demon’s Souls being exclusive I believe. The Dark Souls franchise would’ve never existed if Sony hadn’t funded Demon’s Souls so I’d say that’s a bit of a different situation, Sony being rewarded for having faith in a dev’s vision. Less about money thrown at a dev to keep a game away form another console, more about being given the respect to repay that faith in turn w/ a new game after the franchise has become successful. Either way, Dark Souls 3 will most likely hit all platforms so it’s not a situation like Rise where people are unable to continue a story they’ve already invested in.

  • Ericutz4thewin

    I’m not big into fighters but I can definitely feel your frustration on this.. I would be frustrated too if I was you or anyone who really loves Street Fighter and they only have an X1. Possibly, it could just be a timed exclusive..I hope it is for you guys. I feel uneasy about 3rd party games going exclusive when they weren’t before. i.e. tomb raider, and now Street Fighter 5..not good for the gamers

  • saiyanknight87

    Sound like hurt lol ah well

  • HipHop1980

    it is a loss for XB1 owners. They really should’ve been buying something other than Halo and Gears. Now it’s just snowballing and more and more developers are finding the platform a waste of their efforts.

  • Jaleesa Foster


  • Krystal Carr

    Yes, this definitely is a loss for us.

  • Krystal Carr

    Oh yeah, I definitely believe that.

  • Krystal Carr

    Thank you. My 360 isn’t going anywhere as it’s my home for Street Fighter. *sigh* Though yeah, I can’t deny that a lot of other future games will be coming out exclusively for the PS4 including tons of horror games that I need. >_< I do not regret purchasing my XB1 but wish I had waited a little bit longer before purchasing it.

  • Krystal Carr

    I’m sure you would feel the same way if it was your main game. Anyway, thanks for the view..

  • Krystal Carr

    Yeah this is so stupid. I’m just going to put even more effort and time into Mortal Kombat. It’s a better fighter anyways.. 😛

  • Krystal Carr

    That’s cool.

  • Krystal Carr

    I know. 🙁 This is butt.

  • Krystal Carr

    Lol nice comment! I literally pictured the XB1 and PS4 in a boxing ring with little gloves on and everything. Haha! Anyway you bring a good point. I’m interested to see what Xbox is going to kick back at PS4 now. 😛

  • Krystal Carr

    Bloodborne does look like a pretty great game so far though!

  • Bliss Seeker

    Counter theory?

  • PowerSerg

    Yah maybe some really great blackfriday sale next year will let you snag a ps4.

  • I’m almost certain Capcom will make Ultra Street Fighter V multiplatform. It IS Capcom we’re talking about lol. Sony is likely helping them make this version and when it makes money, the next version will be made for everything

  • jethawkings

    Probably, but knowing Sony, they can probably call foul on that. Is Capcom still on the verge of going down? (I heard some new about bankruptcy few months back) I don’t think they can afford that.

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