Subnautica: What’s Under The Water


Having a bad day

Imagine being accepted to work on the Aurora, an enormous ship for data collection. You are super excited for this opportunity to be able to work and live on this amazing vessel. Once on board you probably are having the time of your life or not.

It was just another day onboard the Aurora when all of a sudden something goes terrible wrong. The Aurora begins to crash into an unknown planet. You quickly follow the emergence evocation procedure to the life pods on the ship. As you jump into a life pod and begin evacuation, an expulsion causes you to black out.

After regaining consciousness you open your life pod and find yourself on an unknown planet. Not just any planet, but one that is surrounded by nothing but water for miles. This is just the beginning of your new life in Subnautica.

Water: It’s everywhere, try not to drown

Subnautica is an early access survival game that takes place underwater. The main objective is not only to survive, but to explore all that there is in this alien ocean. Let’s start with trying to survive. We need to keep an eye on our health, food, water, and most important air.

Air and health are easy to look after, or so you may think. Sometimes when you go exploring you may forget you need to breath every once and a while and…. (Blop Blop Blop), so be very careful. You may be able to extend your air by crafting air tanks. This will help to explore deeper terrain and biomes in Subnautica.

Food and water are also relatively easy to watch. When you start off with just the basics you will have some food and water on hand in your life pod, however you might want to start trying the local “cuisine” as soon as possible. Air-sack anyone? How about laser Pepper? And my personal favorite, Remington mixed with Hoverfish (just kidding, you can’t mix the fish….yet). For water you can use a certain type fauna to filter water into drinking water. Eventually you will be able to craft water from other materials other than that fauna.

Wonderful game and awesome when finished

Subnautica so far is shaping to be an excellent and exciting game to play. The way that the creatures interact throughout the game is very interesting and will have you searching for certain types of creatures to see if they like you, mind you, or want to eat you. The main gameplay is to explore.

There are some many things to explore in Subnautica, from the different types of biomes to explore to the amazing fauna all around. Be careful however as there are some fauna that are very dangerous to be around. Some of them are mild and annoying, but some of them are huge and deadly and not all of the fauna are implemented in the game yet. There is also the aspect of finding out what happened to the Aurora crew you were with, but it seems not all of it has been implemented yet as well.

This game, when finished will become an amazing adventure to go on. I can’t wait for the developers to finish, but in the mean time I will continue to explore the game as it updates. Also keep in mind when you play this game that your saved game will become obsolete with each update, so play at your own risk.