Sundered: 6 Hour Success


Thunder Lotus Games, creators of Jotun, recently put up a kickstarter for their next game. Sundered is, “A horrifying fight for survival and sanity.” The gorgeous action platformer reached its goal in only 6 hours. With the developers’ original goal of $18,796, the Sundered kickstarter is now sitting at over $50,000. With that kind of response, people must be expecting Sundered to be a fantastic game. I think they’re right.

First Impressions and Gameplay Mechanics

I got the chance to play a pre-alpha version of the game, and it really is a sight. The controls are simple, the music is great, the art is beautiful, and you get a really awesome blaster. What more could a girl ask for? I was pleasantly surprised by how much of the game was complete and functional on a pre-alpha version, and it makes me confident that the finalized version will be great.

It begins as kind of a quiet game.  I started in the hub, where the skill tree is located. From there, I ventured west, breaking pots and jumping around. The movement, jumping, and attacking were already polished with no issues. When the character you play as was jumping, it felt perfectly fluid.

The monsters looked awesome too. As I explored, I suddenly got swarmed, and since I had unfortunately wasted all my blaster shots because I thought they looked cool, I fought with a knife and took them out fairly quickly. I can only wonder if the enemies get harder or if you just get larger and larger swarms of them. I really hope I’ll get to find out. With the rest of development being focused on polishing the complex systems, balancing, and adding more skills and perks, I imagine the game is going to get 10 times better than the pre-alpha already is.

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Thunder Lotus Games’s Goals and My Final thoughts

One thing many backers seem to be wondering about is stretch goals since Thunder Lotus reached their goal so quickly. So far, they seem to be against adding extras. Personally, I approve of their decision to keep away from them for now. Feature creep is a real issue, especially with kickstarter games trying to gain hype. Also, I appreciate that they’re more invested in making the core gameplay the best it can be. Adding extras isn’t necessary at this point. Besides, the game already seems to have enough hype considering how many people are backing it.

If I wasn’t already waiting anxiously for summer to come now that classes are back in session, the July release date for Sundered is making me want it to come even faster. Their plan is to use the kickstarter funds to extend production until June so they can have beta testers play the game to make it as polished as possible. Thunder Lotus Games did this with Jotun as well, and it seems like a good idea considering how popular Jotun ended up being. Games like Sundered are making me believe this might really be the year of kickstarter games. With the creation and success of Fig, I think we’ll be seeing a lot of crowdfunded games this year.

Have any thoughts on Sundered? I’d love to hear them! Feel free to post a comment below.