Super Cordon Bleu on Kickstarter – Quick Kicks


Hello lovelies and welcome to the first ever Quick Kicks! In these biweekly piece of wonder and majesty, I will be introducing to you the newest and most promising Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Steam Greenlight campaigns!  This episode is all about Super Cordon Bleu, a modern day take on the games of old! Get ready to take your wallet mind on one of the most satisfying and draining journeys it has ever had the privilege to embark upon. 

Prepare your dinner plates! I will be tantalizing your taste buds with a fresh project straight out from the minds of IE Entertainment Studios.

What is Super Cordon Blue?

In the words of the game developers, “Super Cordon Bleu is a 2D Action Platformer that has been specially prepared for the hungry gamer in us all. Made from the finest ingredients like awesome pixel art, great animation, and outstanding music, Super Cordon Bleu is an entre’ so good that even after its finished you’ll be licking the controller as you savor the memory of its exquisite gameplay! Bon Appetit!”

With the retro trend ever increasing these days, Super Cordon Bleu would quench your thirst for nostalgia while catering to gaming’s contemporary fandom with it’s NES-like aesthetics and gameplay.



  • The game features 8 worlds plus some bonus secret levels where new enemies and bosses can be destroyed with a flick
    of your Chef’s Hammer.
  • Complex levels and rewards to accompany the completion of tasks.
  • The game gives players a traditional retro experience while also offering in-depth exploration options specific to Super Cordon!
  • If fully funded, we will be able to create a deep, yet simple combat system that will be accessible to both novice and core gamers. With your help, we can spend the time to fully tweak, and polish every aspect of our games mechanics. Check out what we are implementing.

Game Mechanics

  • CHEFS HAMMER – Use the legendary Chefs Hammer to defeat enemies with its culinary magic! There are several Hammers in the game that grant you  a different ability. Each Hammer is based off of one of the five major food groups. Protein, Dairy, Veggie, Fruit, and Grains. Of course we have added one more food group. The Pastry group! The Pastry Hammer allows you to use the Frosting Dash which lets you run up walls and walk on ceilings!
  • COOKING/CRAFTING – In this magical culinary world, cooking is similar to crafting. In our game, as you defeat enemies they drop ingredients. (Think of it as how enemies in Metroid would leave behind energy orbs after being destroyed by Samus.) Collecting enough of these ingredients would allow you to craft different  power ups as well as replenish your Hunger Meter. See, the more you fight, the hungrier you get. Your Hunger Meter is always depleting so you need to craft the right foods to keep the meter full ! The right foods will increase your Hunger Meter in return making your attacks stronger.  On the flip-side, cooking the wrong foods can have the opposite affect, making your attacks weaker not to mention the wrong foods can result in explosive vomiting from the mouth and butt, even death ! Cook  wisely my friends…cook wisely.
  • Combat – Combat in Super Cordon Bleu will be fast, fun, and highly rewarding. You will have access to dashes, jumps, quick evades and combos. The goal is to make combat as deep and as engaging as possible. Each time you attack an enemy, your Special Meter will begin to fill up. Filling this meter up will allow you to perform a super, screen clearing attack on enemies.
  • Exploration- Exploration in Super Cordon Bleu will send you on side quest to find items, forcing you to look in every nook and cranny as well as smash every brick and block with your hammer! You will uncover secrets that unlock more secrets and hidden areas filled with wonders.

Who and what am I supporting?

Glad you asked, the two fantastic fellas behind Super Cordon Bleu are as follows:


Patrick Hicks: Patrick will serve as the Studio Head, Programmer, Artist, and General Developer!

Chris Silva: Chris will be laying down the “sickest beats” as the kids like to say these days and will be serving in the role of Composer and Sound Designer.

During your visit to the Kickstarter page, be sure to check out Chris’ Desert Grains Theme composed exclusively for Super Cordon Bleu.


As per the Kickstarter page, here’s a layout of what your funding could contribute to this project.

IE Entertainment is a small, but passionate studio. As it stands, we work on this game on a part time basis due to having full time jobs. We spend every extra hour, minute, and second developing our game, and with that said, we can only take this project so far without your help. This is where you come in.

With your help, we will be able to pour even more time and resources into making Super Cordon Bleu a reality. With a fully funded Kickstarter, we will acquire the necessary tools and licenses, as well as paying for the many man hours needed to bring our game to completion.

The Team – We are a small studio of two. IE Entertainment consists of a game designer/programmer/artist and an audio designer/composer. With help from you, the Kickstarter community, we will be able to work on Super Cordon Bleu exclusively without having to divide our time and attention away from development. In short, your funding would go towards paying our salaries which would mean full time development for our game. 

Licenses and additional costs – With your backing, we will be able to acquire the necessary tools to continue working on our game. Licenses for Unity Pro, Android Pro, iOS Pro, as well as a team license and a Steam Green light submission fee will be needed for our initial batch of platform releases. 

Fixes and feedback – Bringing in testers and getting the necessary feedback on our game is essential to development. This will take time and the last thing we want to do is rush out our game. No broken software from us!


As with every Kickstarter campaign, backing Super Cordon Bleu will get you exclusive game merch just for putting in a bit of cash! An initial pledge of $10 and more will get you a digital copy of the game, while a pledge of $150 will score you all awards prior as well as an ultimate art book. The Super Cordon Bleu Kickstarter campaign will end in 15 days! Act now!

Did you make up your minds to back Super Cordon Bleu and learn more from the developers themselves? Yes? Good! Click here!

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