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I’ve played a fair share of Tales games over the years, each with their own story, characters, and battle system. Many Tales games have dark stories, but none of the ones I’ve played could top what Tales of Berseria has to offer. Bandai Namco has given us their darkest plot yet. It’s all about revenge and what that’ll cost you. You could almost say the protagonists are the bad guys!

As far as the story is concerned, the length is a bit deceiving at first. At one point I felt a bit cheated because I was already where Velvet, the main hero, needed to go to face off with Artorius. Once I went past that, however, I realized there was so much more to go. The story is dark in Tales of Berseria. Velvet’s brother was murdered by Artorius. It came down to the one person versus the whole world debate. Unfortunately, Artorius is a man of reason, so he chose the world instead of his nephew. Velvet, who was once a sweet girl who just wanted to take care of her family, became consumed with hate and revenge when her brother was killed, becoming a daemon in the process. This starts her and those she meets along the way down a long and dark path. She claims she’d do anything to kill him, and that’s shown time and again with how she treats the rest of the world. Velvet isn’t afraid to leave destruction in her wake if it takes her a step closer to killing Artorius.

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There’s nothing that says Happy Halloween better than playing a good Zombie game. But why do you have to set out to kill a massive horde of Zombies like in Left for Dead or Zombie U when you could be the Zombie killing everyone? From indie developers at Gentleman Squid Studious comes a 2D action/puzzle platformer that bears certain similarities to The Lost Vikings and Trine called Three Dead Zed.