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Using its new business model Games2Gether, Amplitude Studios released Endless Legend in an Alpha stage/ Early Access to get player feedback during development.  Endless Legend is a prequel to Endless Space and is a fantasy 4X strategy game with real-time turn-based combat system. What sets itself apart from other 4X strategy games like Sid Meier’s Civilization is its ability to fully customize units, abilities, weapons, cities, battle options and more that you would find in RPG games.

2 2016
Endless Legend Wallpaper
Endless Legend, from Amplitude Studios, is a Fantasy 4X strategy game with turn-based gameplay set in the Endless Space universe. It’s a sequel to Dungeons of the Endless and the prequel to Endless Space. Endless Legend is similar to Sid Meier’s Civilization because you first expand the land and have to explore the area to find and exploit resources to then create and flourish an empire. You exterminate with custom abilities and units your enemies or use them to defend your own empire from other factions.