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Nintendo has unveiled a new Nintendo Switch commercial that will be airing during Super Bowl LI this Sunday. If I could draw up the perfect blue print to marketing the Switch, I’d go BIG and what better way than to have a commercial aired during the biggest sporting event in North America? In fact, the Super Bowl averages hundreds of millions of viewers and that number is growing each year. This will be the first time Nintendo has ever aired a commercial during the Super Bowl.

Here is the commercial for your viewing pleasure:

Well done Nintendo! This commercial is excellent. It’s simple, to the point, and gives the clear message of how the Switch is meant to be played. Whether on the go or at home, you can play your games anywhere. Even better, the commercial focuses on an adult playing the Switch!

Nintendo has long received criticism about its marketing and the focus on children, as if they were the target audience.  Not properly marketing the Wii U was arguably one of the main reasons it failed to capture a bigger audience. Now it seems Nintendo received that memo and are changing things up. Keep it going Nintendo! Hardcore gamers know what the Switch can do. Now it’s time for the casual market to know too.

Here is the extended cut of the commercial, showing all ages using the different ways to play the Switch:

Are you going to watch the Super Bowl and wait for this new Switch commercial? Are you excited for the Switch? Let us know!

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Up through this point, Sony has been delivering TV spot commercials for the PS4 that have been knocking our socks off. Most recently it was the nostalgic commercial “For The Players Since 1995,” which takes Playstation past and present owners on a trip down memory lane. The commercial follows a few teenagers through a “time lapse” of them playing the original Playstation, PS2, PS3, and finally the PS4.

It is a great commercial that wins the hearts of Sony fans who have been along for the ride.  Some were wondering if the Xbox One had a counter punch, while others swore up and down that the console war is over and Sony is the victor!