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There has been a debate going around about patching in content after a game is made, released, and sold. I’m not talking about DLC, oh no, what I mean is content that should have been in the game originally, but was cut out due to constraints of some sort and being added into the game free of charge later on.  Perhaps the most prominent example of this is Final Fantasy XV, which only a few weeks ago, got it’s first patch of additional content.

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A few days ago, Square Enix released a free update to their hit game, Final Fantasy XV. The Moogle Chocobo Carnival can be accessed from the main menu. Therefore, you only need a single save file, at any point in the game, to play it. I recommend using your main save since some items you gain during the carnival will be moved over to your main file.


Upon entering the carnival, Noctis is met with Carbuncle, the creature who players first meet in either the tutorial of Final Fantasy XV or the Platinum demo. Carbuncle gives Noctis his first quest, which is to earn enough choco-mog medallions to trade in for a coupon that gives the player a nights stay at the Leville and an exclusive seating for the firework show.  You can earn medallions in a few ways; you can earn them by completing quests, playing mini games and finding them around town, but I’ll get to that part later.



First, I want to talk about the aesthetics of the carnival. Altissia has been completely transformed. Every NPC, building and street is adorned in colorful decorations. The NPCs are talking about things happening at the carnival, adding to the playful atmosphere.  The vibrant environment only made me more excited to dive in and see what the carnival had to offer. Just make sure you equip the new outfit that comes with the update; Noctis’s usual black outfit will feel out of place. However, I was a bit disappointed that my bros weren’t by my side. I would have loved to hear some carnival exclusive banter. But, I digress. Noctis is still a good sport without his friends around. I’ll admit, I was a bit giddy wandering around the town. The environment is silly and uplifting, a nice contrast to the adventuring Noctis is doing in the main campaign.


Mini-Games and Firework Show

The mini-games are fun at first, but they get old quickly. There are a few games I came across at the carnival like the chocobo races, a shooting game, a variation of whack a mole (but with a cactuar!), and a moogle dance. My favorite game is where you shoot at a bunch of targets; however, the only problem is that the courses never change. The targets show in the same place, only differing by the difficulty level. So, trying to get 35,000 points got infuriating after a few attempts. It felt like grinding, but I guess that’s Final Fantasy’s charm. The missions are basic as well. Also, fighting is not allowed at the carnival, so Noctis only has a toy sword!  As for other games, try visiting Weskham’s restaurant and try being a waiter, or if that’s not your thing, why not try fishing for some prizes?

The icing on the cake for me was the firework show. The first night, I didn’t have enough medallions for the special VIP seating, so I watched from the highest point of Altissia I could find (thanks to Carbuncle’s insistence). Beautiful as it was, nothing tops the close-up firework show you get if you do have the VIP coupon! Though, it’s just not the same taking my own pictures of the firework show without my buddy Prompto along for the ride.


Final Thoughts

Overall, the nagging issue for me was not the repetitiveness (because it’s a small event meant to keep players interested in the game), but my isuue is that Noctis is the only one experiencing the carnival. Especially because Final Fantasy XV’s core theme is friendship. Maybe it’s some kind of dream world separate from the story (as Carbuncle has dragged Noctis off to in the past). Either way, I appreciate the novelty of the add on. The dedication of the Square Enix team shows promise for future DLCs and patches to come.


The Chocobo Moogle Carnival is only running until February 20th, so download the free holiday pack DLC now to get your ticket to the carnival! 

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When was the last time that you went to pick up a brand new game, either at a midnight release or early that next day, and been totally fulfilled by it on day one? It used to be that you would go camp out with your friends at the local Gamestop for hours for the new Call of Duty, Halo, etc. and race home afterwards to play until damn-near dawn (usually on a school night, leading to an unplanned ‘sick day’). However, in the past few years, the excitement to pre-order and pick up a new game the day it’s released has waned dramatically, leading many people banning together to boycott pre-ordering new releases entirely. Why is this trend starting to resonate with gamers? Quite frankly, because a large number of games are simply not ‘finished’ by the time they are released.

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A recent post on Nintendo’s official UK store has revealed that Mario Kart 8 will indeed be getting the DLC that gamers have been demanding.

Not one, but TWO DLC packs will be released for the Wii U’s Mario Kart 8, adding 8 all new races to the game. In addition to getting to play two brand new cups, players will also have more characters to choose from.

The first DLC, available this November, will introduce Tanooki Mario and Cat Suit Peach as new racers. However, Nintendo is expanding the Mario Kart universe by adding characters from other Nintendo franchises. The first of these non-Mario universe characters to be a playable racer in the game is none other than Link from the Legend of Zelda series!

Link is a brand new racer in Mario Kart 8!

Link is a brand new racer in Mario Kart 8!

The second DLC will be available May 2015, and feature more new racers: Dry Bowser, Isabelle in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and the classic Animal Crossing villager.

In addition to the brand new characters and tracks, 4 new vehicles will be available to players in each DLC – making 8 new carts in total.

Cat Suit Peach will be the third version of Peach in Mario Kart 8 after her normal form and Pink Gold Peach.

Cat Suit Peach will be the third version of Peach in Mario Kart 8 after her normal form and Pink Gold Peach.

While the track and vehicle specifics of the second DLC out next May have yet to be revealed, the UK Nintendo store revealed what will be included in this November’s pack: A track based on the world of the Legend of Zelda, a re-vamp of Wario’s Gold Mine from the Wii, and a Blue Falcon cart “representing the F-Zero franchise.”

Luigi showing off a new vehicle in action.

Luigi showing off a new vehicle in action.

With the reveal of Mario Kart 8 DLC, gamers are curious as to whether the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U will eventually incorporate DLC as well.

Are you excited that Nintendo is finally releasing DLC for its games? Sound off in the comments below!

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Sniper Elite 3 has taken the gaming sniping experience to the next level, but there is apparently more in store. Let me give you a hint, you no longer have to worry about missing the pre-order content in the game. A recent press release reports new downloadable content available for Sniper Elite III DLC. The content has been made available worldwide as of today. 505 Games and Rebellion announced the availability of the content including the Hunter Weapons Pack, Camouflage Weapons Pack, Allied Outfits Pack, and Hunt the Grey Wolf campaign mission.

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The Last of Us is most known for it’s memorable story and characters and was one of my favorite experiences last year. So, there was much anticipation for the single-player DLC “Left Behind,” released on Valentines Day. I played it and beat it that night and without giving away too many spoilers, here are my thoughts on the DLC.